What I Miss About Childhood

Bottle cap gun fights!! Pretending were detectives trying to find WHERE in 'Windolph Landing' is Carmen San Diego! Windolph Landing was the name of the neighborhood I grew up in lol good times!

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The ONLY Conference BYU will be INVITED TOO will be General Conference!

The title for this post, I saw as a status update on one of my friends facebook walls, it was HILARIOUS!! Unfortunately, only part of it has anything to do with this actual post, sorry to disappoint.

Just wanted to share with you some of the thoughts and feelings, and inspirations I had received over the past weekend while listening and participating in General Conference. First off, I am no where near the religious scholar I would like to be, so whenever conference comes around I always tend to shy away, and find myself busy doing other things, rather than listening to conference. I dont know if its laziness, ignorance, or the rebel in me-I just feel like I am not equipped with the knowledge to grasp the teachings that are sometimes brought across. So in other words, I feel guilty and inadequate, that I still have not come anywhere close to being well-educated in church doctrine.

Its my own fault, of course! Which is why I made more of an effort to participate more in this particular conference weekend.

Actually got off on the wrong foot, missing the first 2 sessions on Saturday (I was babysitting my neice), and I knew it wasn't a good enough excuse, so I told myself, because I had missed the morning sessions, I would go to the general priesthood meeting that evening. However, my brothers were attending the meeting with my father, who isnt a major part in my life, I talk to him probably once in awhile, but I wouldn't say our relationship was a strong one. I just prefer not to associate with him at all. So right there, was the PERFECT opportunity to skip the priesthood meeting altogether! I told myself I wasn't going to go at all. Then later that day, I had been invited to attend with my good friend and his dad, totally unexpected, but found this to be a blessing in disguise, because I really did want to try and start conference weekend off, on the right foot. Before heading out, I knelt down in prayer and asked the Lord to help me be inspired by the words that were going to be presented, and that their message would help me, in my own personal struggles I have been experiencing.

Sure enough they were!

I should've taken a notepad to take notes, but I came away feeling SO full of the spirit and wanting to change my life for the BETTER! I want to be fully recommitted to the teachings of the Lord and his gospel! Each of the speakers that evening, touched my heart, like I had fervently prayed to the Lord for them to do. Their messages were for ME! I never found myself so invested in the words they had to say, since I was on my mission! This was a completely new journey for me and I actually came away feeling renewed and invigorated with the spirit! I thanked the lord for the opportunity to be touched and filled with his spirit, and that I was able to hear the words I needed to hear, in order to improve my own life.

I am going to try harder not to take the church's teachings for granted. I am going to recognize the choices that I are presented before me, and choose the ones with the least consequences, that won't deter me from the path towards eternal salvation!


I am only referencing the General Priesthood Meeting specifically, but overall the entire Sunday I got the chance to continue to be edified and uplifted to strengthen my own life and strive to become a better child of God, and walk the path he would want me to walk! Hopefully I will be able to hold to the rod and stay on that straight and narrow path and not stray...but I will be more invested now, than I ever have been before!