Whats the 411?


The following is an adaptation from my very best friends blog, whose actually the one who got me hooked on this bidness. So if you have any complaints (you know who you are) you have my number, just text message me the date and time that I am to appear at court with my attorney.

Now for the good stuff!! I like to call the following, "Whats The 411?" Which is a compilation of random facts about me, and I had to do it because the person I copied this idea from, hers was SO good, that I thought I could come up with something at least close to what she did...not exactly the same...because well..you'll see. Hollah!

I first and foremost have an obsession with 10 specific celebrities, 10 males and 10 females. I call them my top 10, unique wouldn't ya say?

I love my mom! She means the world to me and is such a great mentor. This is exactly why I am not married yet because I'm looking for the same qualities in the future Mrs. Ludwig..which I am currently accepting applications, you can apply within.

I would consider my style not as much metro, just because I couldn't paint just one fingernail on my hand and wear the eyeliner..just wouldn't do me justice.

My sister is another person I love and adore as much as my mother. Just ask her, she wouldn't trade me for anything, you find me another sister whose brother pays $200 to get her hair done? Not that I am saying that I'm buying her off or anything, just like to do fun things for her to help boost her ego and self esteem-I've heard all pretty girls need a self esteem booster. Thanks Dr Phil!

Which brings me to my brothers, I can't say that I don't love them equally, which would be a lie. Its just that we are individually artistic and creative in our own way that it just clashes with our personalities, but we all share the same passions in life.

I love playing video games, especially any RPGs (Role Playing Games). Not so much the shoot em up so blood and insides splatter all over the screen...I don't get off on violence unfortunately, I'm seeing a therapist about why this is.

I am 26 and still not quite sure what my political standing is, and I know I shouldn't say this, but I have never voted before in my entire life. Maybe because it conflicted with a hair appointment I've scheduled..I don't know. But I do know that I need to figure this one out really quick otherwise I will remain single the rest of my dreary days.

Oh can't believe I haven't mentioned this until now...but I'm obsessed with my hair. Whether it be the color(s) or the style, it just has to be perfect. Otherwise I won't leave the house, because I believe its the very FIRST thing that is noticeable next to the cash and prizes.

My life is a screenplay. I love the world of movie making and photography. My eyes are able to catch certain aspects of life and my surroundings as if I were looking through the lens of a camera. I hope to be able to make a career of some kind out of this unique talent.

I have a hard time with deuche bags. No not the kind women use regularly, but as in the individuals out there that are really overly arrogant, rude, impersonal and selfish. Oh and it seems like these people always drive pimped out Hondas with the ground Fxs and loud exhaust as they drive by...I have come to realize that along with those that drive the Hummers and Hemis..theyre all compensating for something.

I've never really been into sports. When I was really young I wanted to be a professional baseball player, but then I realized it required too much manual labor.

I used to have Coca-Cola pumped into my arteries through an IV, until I've quit the addiction and gone clean from any carbonation at all. Still going strong! High Five!

I love all my friends! What would my life be without them? Probably not worth living thats for sure!

Even though I am still single and loving it, I already have all my future kids names picked out so far. And one set, at least, are going to be twins.

I love baking desserts of any kind! Especially any kind of cookies. Seems like the ladies enjoy those sweet treats when delivered by a man!

One of my goals in life is to go to New Zealand and tour the Lord of the Rings set. This may sound really nerdy, but I really loved Peter Jackson's rendition of JRR Tolkien's greatest novel. Perhaps I can accomplish this on my honeymoon? haha

I don't know how to swim for the life of me...

I dislike onions and pickles

I've quit fast food

When I was younger I wanted to grow up to be the next Carson Daly. Not because he was with Tara Reid, because I think she looks like hell, but because hes a ladies man and I wanted to be the next TRL VJ!

For my 27th birthday, I am planning on going to Maui, Hawaii. Just because I've never experienced the islands before and would love to make it happen, especially when I'm growing closer to turning 30!

My first concert was the Justified/Stripped Tour in Las Vegas, starring Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

I dislike Granolas...not the bars, but the type of people who always seem to be wearing Tivas even in the winter time...WTF!

Last but certainly not least, I hope to be able to become a wonderful husband and father!



I've been hit in the head by a falling star and it has occurred to me that apparently, I'm ADDICTED to this new found way of expressing the madness within...

Let me first just thank you for coming back and humoring me with taking time out of your busy day to dive into my brain and trying to make sense of all this. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ( Reminds me of a song..."From the Bottom of my Broken Heart...theres just somethings I'd really like you to know....")


While at work last night/this morning, besides the clamoration of zip codes, unreadable addresses, and looking at stamps (I work for the United States Post Office..can I get a Booyah?) all I can think about, next to glancing at the clock anticipating the final hour till I get to clock out and go home, is sitting down and hashing out my next masterpiece (this blog).

Next to Orlando Bloom, Lord of the Rings, Tech9ne, Blake Lewis, a heapful of Momma Rogers' homemade chocolate cake, and trying to get my V-card punched; I am beginning to enjoy this new found way of expressing my wittiness next to all my other obsessions.

Yes, I've said it, O-B-S-E-S-S-I-O-N-S! But I've already said too much, and to keep you coming back like a bad case of the CLAP (get those regular check ups with yer OBGYN) and because I've most likely went beyond the normal word count capacity for one day, I will have to continue this until next time.

You may already think you know what they are...but sorry to break it to you...

YOU DON'T haha!



Oook so its 6:30am and I haven't been to sleep yet. I got home from work a couple hours ago, and just HAD to check out my new blog site. What can I say? I'm in love with this new found way of throwing myself out there for the entire world to view, to get to know the REAL me...

FINALLY I have once again found a means of being the center of attention!

But honestly, if you ask my friends, they would beg to differ. They would tell you that I'm a shy, introverted, timid handsome guy who likes a quiet moment spent alone.

Alone with OBSESSED THOUGHTS no doubt!

I've decided to let you know about a lil secret of mine. But you have to promise you will not reveal anything mentioned here, unless of course you give them my blog website address, then by all means have at it!

On second thought, due to the heaviness ladened upon me by my mind, body and soul..it will just have to wait til next time.

You'll just have to come back....BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHa!


Ready For Some "Soaring Tumbling, Free Wheeling?" Well Go Look Somewhere Else, I Don't Do Manual Labor..

Funny that I still remember a particular magically delicious tale about a diamond in the rough, showing us a world...shining, shimmering, splendid?

While sitting on a musty, dirty carpet no less...hhmm

I have finally submerged my body and soul into the BLOG world. No this has nothing to do with the first few lines about a shimmering world on the back of a flying carpet; sorry to dissapoint but I had to catch your attention didn't I? (If you are reading thus far, looks like it worked) You can expect to find witty, and not so witty writings of this SOB, so by all means put me on yer friends list: STALK ME, RAPE ME, CHOKE ME, LOVE ME!

Keep coming back for seconds, theres always room for more!