This Is Blake's Hello

Look in my eyes, can you deny me?

I just recently purchased Blake Lewis' new album entitled, ADD: Audio Day Dream.

Characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention
and/or hyper-activity, as well as forgetfulness, poor impulse control, and distractibility.

I've listened to the entire album twice, and going for round 3. I've come to the conclusion that its comparable to the sound of Maroon 5 and Depeche Mode. Its a mixture of ballads (that make me emotional, I know I'm crazy) and pop beats.

I couldn't wait for Santa to stuff this amazing beatbox compilation into my stocking.......


Don't let your A/D/D get the best of you and let your
psyche unwind and
take a trip into AUDIO DAY DREAM!

So meet me at the End of The World, I'm waiting!



I love this time of year!

Other than the snow, which I realize I live in the wrong state to even consider the slightest possibility of having a warm December; but mostly for the fact that I get to load Christmas tunes on my ipod and listen to them over and over. After working 10-12 hour days, and listening to nothing but joyous, hallelujah praises that would set your mind straight too!!

But it all comes down to...DUH DUH DUMMMMMMMMMMMM


Allow me to start the season off straight with just a few traditions that my family and I do for the holidays. The first, and what I like to consider one of THE most important, the smell.

Yes, I said the smells. As in the aroma in the air. Its not Christmas without the smell of a freshly cut Noble Fir Christmas Tree, complete with the Christmas Wreath scented Yankee Candle from Gardener Village. HO HO HO its definitely Christmas time when you light that thing up.

Secondly, the Christmas Ornaments.

Since the past 5 years, we have purchased nothing but Hallmark ornaments. They come out with different kinds of influential icons every year, from Disney to Star Wars to the Star Trek Enterprise, I call it ODE to Pop Culture. You name it, we have collected the best ones thus far. My all time favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow that plays, "A Pirates Life For Me" at will. Gotta love it!

Next, would have to be one I personally started in 2003. Which I throw a Christmas Party for a small group of close friends all of whom I consider to have made a major impact on my life. Believe me, I tend to go all out. From Cooking a complete turkey dinner, with homemade rolls, to desserts of all different kinds. I guess you can call it a way how I show them how much they mean to me and how grateful I am that they're apart of my life (and hopefully for the upcoming year.)

I am planning on another go at it! For those of you reading this, consider this your invitation to attend! You will not be disappointed. Trust me on that one. Its will be on Friday December 21st starting at 6:30 pm and going til whenever you feel like you need to lose your holly berries. I would love to have you attend.

Consider that my attempt at begging and offering my soul...now pass the wassail!!


Bippy Crocker's Recipe For Dating

I was THAT guy in High School, that there was nothing wrong with, but somehow could never get a girlfriend.

I would open doors, get good grades, flash my million-dollar smile. I chose to live life on the positive side and always dreamed of finding somebody special of whom I would get to know, get engaged, and finally get married. All the way from High School and even into college, dating seemed to be the dead end of any type of relationship.

It wasn't enough to open doors, being a gentleman, paying for dinner, giving them flowers, and even baking cookies for them.

I finally gave up on dating altogether.

In some ways dating is like a recipe for cookies, you need to use the right ingredients.

Self respect


Admiration for the other

Common Goals



The hardest part about making cookies, is that you must allow time for all the ingredients to cook. They smell sooooo good while baking that you're tempted to try them out!!! The truth is cookies are better when they're done.


Is The AUDIENCE REALLY Listening? I Think NOT

Let me know if you're out there.....

and maybe...

just maybe.....

I will consider posting another blog worth my time, and certainly worth yours of course!



November has officially started off, and I can say that I am already feeling that sense of gratitude for the things around me. Below are some thoughts that came to me today while at fast and testimony meeting. As much as the spirit was trying to force me to get up to the pulpit to bear my heart and soul, I just couldn't its been waaaaaaaaaay too long!! So for these few things, be sure to check back throughout the month for more additions to my Gr-'ATTITUDE' series!! Enjoy!

  • My mom! Who cannot say that they are grateful to the woman who went through hours of labor to give birth to you?? Mind you, I tend to purposefully not ask how the process went, other than I know that I was supposed to have brain damage, due to the "chord" being wrapped around my neck upon "exit." But straight up, some may tell you I still am mentally disabled...but I promise you my mind works just fine!
  • My brother Aaron. I have 2 brothers, and 1 sister who I love and am grateful for all equally the same, but my younger brother holds a special place in my heart, ESPECIALLY now since hes married and moved away...gosh maybe something like that COULD happen to me?? You think? Its so embarrasing to say this, but the other night, as I walked into the room that used to be occupied by him, it just hit me how much I miss being around him and enjoying his spirit. Hes definitely the reincarnation of Nephi! But as this thought came to me, and I mentioned it to my mom how badly I missed him, I started to cry....ughh!! Which is probably a possibility why I am still single and almost 30, AND still living at home with my mom no doubt...the emotions!
  • My Lord and Savior. The Sacrament meeting today was definitely intended FOR ME!! Its hard feeling like you're alone, but he is always there beside you. I am one who cannot imagine going through my day without being on my knees, I am getting better at reading my scriptures everyday, but could use more work. But I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and for the constant companionship of his spirit. I am so glad that I am worthy enough for him to brighten those gloomy moments in my life and make it all seem so trivial.

There may be some lovely individuals who may think that I am insensitive, conceded, and selfish, but I do have a soft spot in my heart. Even room enough for those moments of gratitude and love for those whom deserve it.



Shay's SO SHAY-MLESS 101

For starters the 2 main reasons that are listed below, which seem to have ranked me in the 'SHAY'MLESS category...

  • I have told myself ever since the dairy air shots in the magazines, the random hook ups in hot tubs with college guys, hitting up every single bar from Vegas to Miami, the shots of her driving while the kiddies were not in their car seats, and the frequent hit and runs..(ok so you know the American Dream I am speaking of, Ms. Britney Spears-Federline herself) that I wouldn't support her any longer....but I just purchased her latest CD album entitled BLACKOUT...and I admit I'm addicted!
  • Recently I threw a Halloween party this past weekend, and the main event for the night was BUNKO! (If you have never played it before, let me know and I will make sure to invite you to the next one) I'd also like to mention that I purchased the prizes that would be ultimately be given away that night. I'm such a nice friend right? Wrong! So as the night went on I wasn't doing very well at all...I was on my way to winning the LOSER prize. As it came time for the last round, I rolled 2 whole bunkos in a row!! Putting me at a total of 6 Bunkos for the night, not bad right? So as a result, the scores were counted and to my dismay I ended up winning the BUNKO prize, a Movie Theater Popcorn Gift Basket full of candy, popcorn and 2 passes to Jordan Commons. I was pretty stunned that I started off so terribly, but ended up winning the big prize at the end. Come to find out, my cousin, who was in 2nd place for most Bunkos tells me "I like it how you plan this party, and end up winning your own prizes that you bought" HEY! Its not my fault that I have the midas touch when it comes to rolling the dice!

If I left out any particular instance, where I was LAME whilst in your presence, by all means, feel free to comment on it. I will make sure to add it to the next list that I am sure will be right around the corner.


Check Out Mr. Frodo...Life After Middle Earth

Anyone up for seeing my "DANCEY DANCE?"

Prepare For Trouble...Make It A Double!

I'm on the road, on the road...

I've built a team, and been training all day long. I'm on the road, and I've been getting strong. Heres the plan I'm gonna head down to the forest...time to collect, some POKEMON!

So I've pretty much been MIA since the end of summer, otherwise known as the end of life as I knew it. Summer has always been a time for me to soak in the sun and revive those dead personality cells within this wholesome, pure, white body of mine. I have always considered getting back into the game called BLOGGING, but never thought there was a point. Until a good friend of mine said, pretty much WTF whats up with the absenteeism?

I've always been a good boy at making sure I'm never tardy or absent, except maybe from those service projects (another name I like to call manual labor) at the Red Butte Gardens or Wasatch Community Gardens, fastening together my homegrown compost from my own feces, and having the nickname Runner Bean, ahh good times!

So the 411 on my life thus far, still has been somewhat un-eventful, except for 4 main happenings as follows:

1. Going to the American Idol Concert and Seeing Blake Lewis-IN THE BEATBOXING FLESH (see blog about the concert waaaaaay below) My very best friend Deanis Priscilla Rogers, was kind enough to accompany me to the event, and sit through bad renditions of her idol, Bono...er..was it Bon Jovi?? Well she took these GREAT pics of the man himself...the first pic hes acknowledging me trying to jump up on stage while being taken away by security.

2. Ending a 5 years streak without a car of my own and bumming rides from all my friends from here to Iowa (LOVE YOU Dean, and MEL P) and finally purchasing a 2003 Toyota Corolla LE

3. Balling my eyes out as I witnessed my younger brother, age 23, getting married to one of the most wonderful, sweet, beautiful, spunky MANTI grown girl I have had the pleasure of calling my "DAUGHTER-IN-LAW" (long story haha)

4. After living 26 years of a good life thus far, making a HUGE life changing choice to get an eye-exam, which ultimately resulted in fastening on a pair of glasses after 26 years of believing I had the best eyesight around. Apparently the cornea in my right eye is shaped like a football, otherwise called a "stigmatism" and using my left eye to pretty much see everything from here to CHINA, (which I've still never been too, but now I can finally experience life to its fullest!)

That sums up the past few months and the important happenings as to WHY exactly I have been absent from the blog-bidness. I am working on taking the Postal Exam to go Career and receive GREAT BENEFITS, and MORE MONEY! But I have told myself that my life will not be one of a postal worker, licking stamps, and sorting letters to Santa. I still plan on finishing the Bachelors Degree I started at the University of Utah and living life as it happens.

To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love, To Extend My Reach To The Stars Above...


Mmmmm Yummy! >SHMACK<

Oook so I realize it has been waaaaaaaaaaaay to long since my last witty blog posting. I have a perfectly good explanation for it too.

Excuse me while I finish off 3 different kinds of frosting, and 3 different kinds of cupcakes.

Oh Im sorry, forgot where I was for a minute. I have been so tied up lately with work and getting ready for my brother's wedding that I just haven't had time to sit down and put all my random thoughts out of my head.

I recently assisted in planning a Bridal Shower for my brother's fiance, lets call her Mary, which happened to turn out lovely! I was trying to figure out what to serve at the shower, since my mom wasn't about to make dinner for 40 people. So as I was looking over my brother's registeries, I strayed upon the great Williams Sonoma website.

As I was "surfing" (without the board, floaties, and sharks) I noticed they sell cupcake mixes from a Beverly Hills based cupcake chain called Sprinkles (original I know.) What a great idea! Serve cupcakes at the bridal shower! I am amazing, I thought to myself. I will just order up a few of these mixes and prepare them right away.


That will be $75 please.

Umm...I'm not purchasing a shirt from Express, nor am I paying for a recent hair color. There was no way I was about to fork over that many bones just for it to be pooped out later by people I don't really know. So I was beside myself.

Then it came to me...

Purchase the mixes and ingredients and do it yourself! What a great idea! Which in the end came out to being $20. What a save! I apologize that it may seem like I am leaving out a huge chunk of yummy information, but there is anonymous contacts that are baking their brains out and inventing their own Utah based cupcake chain, which I seriously completely endorse by the way.

Every bit of the cupcakes were made from scratch! We made three different kinds and they turned out absolutely wonderful!! By time the shower came around, everyone asked me, as I was restocking the quickly devoured "cuppers" ..."Where did you buy these great cupcakes!"

Oh..I made them..>wink< >wink<

So needless to say, I owe a debt of gratitude to all those who made this possible!! (You know who you are)

Lets just say that I have a dozen leftover if anyone is looking for a late night snack, I for one think I've seen the last of a cupcake for a very long time.


So Much For Wishing On A Wishing Star

That whole BS about when you wish upon a star....

So heres my "fairy tale." Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the American Idol Concert. Granted months beforehand I imagined what it would be like to finally meet Blake Lewis in person! So to make the occasion memorable, I made sure that my hair was colored like his, and that the hairstyle resembled it in every possible way.

Nothing like over exerting yourself for nothing....which I was about to discover.

The moment it hit me was when my very best friend, Deanis Priscilla Rogers, made it known to me that our tickets were RIGHT NEXT to the aisle! At this point I was hyperventalating! I couldnt control myself...this was it! The chance I was waiting for was soon to be realized! I would finally get to meet the man, Blake Lewis!

I got my wristband...our seats were 5 rows from the stage! We were a lot closer than I thought we were, again my heart was pounding against my chest. I just wanted to rip it out and throw it up onto the stage and watch Blake throw it back to me. Then all of a sudden, 2 women in their 30s sit next to us and all I hear is "OMG ITS BLAKES TWIN!" and I look over and this woman, whose name I will find out is Maren, proceeds to bull chuck Jessica to get to me and says, "Can I get my picture with you?!" How can I say no? I love feeling that I somewhat resemble the beatboxing champ..and most of all the hard work put into the hair has most definitely paid off!

Here, allow me to sputter off some beatboxing >SNAP<

After experiencing my second shot at fame, we all get into a huge discussion about American Idol and how much we want to meet Blake. I then find out that Blake's entire family, from Logan, is sitting in the section directly next to us...you can imagine the thoughts running through my mind wanting to invite myself over for Thanksgiving and Christmas just so I can get a picture with Blake! So evidently the night was beginning to be a success, I was on my way to experiencing the greatest moment in my entire life! I will finally be able to die happy!


The lights go down, and the teen/pre-teen crowd starts their engines. Screams after screams as a hand grasps my shoulder, I look over, (ITS BLAKE I THOUGHT TO MYSELF..HES GRABBED MY SHOULDER AND I CAN FINALLY GET MY DAMN $150 WORTH) but again it was Maren, shouting to me that Blake was on stage...I look up and there he is! Less than 20 feet away! And not inside my television set! He was wearing this scruffy wig and funny looking outfit, but I def recognized him, but then he set off stage and the concert began!

Come to find out, I would end up leaving that night with no voice, and NO not because I was screaming, but because I was shouting for Blake and Lakisha (who is a lot hotter in person by the way) experiencing signals to worship Satan (Thanks Gina!) surviving Sanjaya's attempt to come out thrusting his 17 year old pelvis in tight hot pink leather pants, and Chris Richardson trying to even remotely come close to beatboxing. Not to mention I got some great souvenirs and sharing in a wonderful, memorable experience with Jessica Rogers. I wouldn't have it any other way....

Except that I wanted to kick the usher in the nuts that was standing in my way of getting to shake Blake's hand...and whoever said Floor seats are better, I want to shoot them. If it were my decision, and if I knew anything about concerts, I would realize that the ones sitting on the Lower Bowl seats, closer to the aisle nearest the stage were the money makers! They all got to shake hands with the entire AI crew. All I got was a slimy kiss from a woman I barely knew by the end of the night, and bruises from her constantly grabbing me.


If you ask me I would've taken Jessica to grabbing me and kissing me instead...at least that would've made me die happy since my hard work and good money didn't pay off.

Now I had to go home and scrub down the fact that I smelt like I smoked an entire bowl of blow.

Excuse me...

(This blog post has been edited to include humor, frustration, and witty SOB comments to allow you to chew and digest this memorable event of my dreary summer)


Whats the 411?


The following is an adaptation from my very best friends blog, whose actually the one who got me hooked on this bidness. So if you have any complaints (you know who you are) you have my number, just text message me the date and time that I am to appear at court with my attorney.

Now for the good stuff!! I like to call the following, "Whats The 411?" Which is a compilation of random facts about me, and I had to do it because the person I copied this idea from, hers was SO good, that I thought I could come up with something at least close to what she did...not exactly the same...because well..you'll see. Hollah!

I first and foremost have an obsession with 10 specific celebrities, 10 males and 10 females. I call them my top 10, unique wouldn't ya say?

I love my mom! She means the world to me and is such a great mentor. This is exactly why I am not married yet because I'm looking for the same qualities in the future Mrs. Ludwig..which I am currently accepting applications, you can apply within.

I would consider my style not as much metro, just because I couldn't paint just one fingernail on my hand and wear the eyeliner..just wouldn't do me justice.

My sister is another person I love and adore as much as my mother. Just ask her, she wouldn't trade me for anything, you find me another sister whose brother pays $200 to get her hair done? Not that I am saying that I'm buying her off or anything, just like to do fun things for her to help boost her ego and self esteem-I've heard all pretty girls need a self esteem booster. Thanks Dr Phil!

Which brings me to my brothers, I can't say that I don't love them equally, which would be a lie. Its just that we are individually artistic and creative in our own way that it just clashes with our personalities, but we all share the same passions in life.

I love playing video games, especially any RPGs (Role Playing Games). Not so much the shoot em up so blood and insides splatter all over the screen...I don't get off on violence unfortunately, I'm seeing a therapist about why this is.

I am 26 and still not quite sure what my political standing is, and I know I shouldn't say this, but I have never voted before in my entire life. Maybe because it conflicted with a hair appointment I've scheduled..I don't know. But I do know that I need to figure this one out really quick otherwise I will remain single the rest of my dreary days.

Oh can't believe I haven't mentioned this until now...but I'm obsessed with my hair. Whether it be the color(s) or the style, it just has to be perfect. Otherwise I won't leave the house, because I believe its the very FIRST thing that is noticeable next to the cash and prizes.

My life is a screenplay. I love the world of movie making and photography. My eyes are able to catch certain aspects of life and my surroundings as if I were looking through the lens of a camera. I hope to be able to make a career of some kind out of this unique talent.

I have a hard time with deuche bags. No not the kind women use regularly, but as in the individuals out there that are really overly arrogant, rude, impersonal and selfish. Oh and it seems like these people always drive pimped out Hondas with the ground Fxs and loud exhaust as they drive by...I have come to realize that along with those that drive the Hummers and Hemis..theyre all compensating for something.

I've never really been into sports. When I was really young I wanted to be a professional baseball player, but then I realized it required too much manual labor.

I used to have Coca-Cola pumped into my arteries through an IV, until I've quit the addiction and gone clean from any carbonation at all. Still going strong! High Five!

I love all my friends! What would my life be without them? Probably not worth living thats for sure!

Even though I am still single and loving it, I already have all my future kids names picked out so far. And one set, at least, are going to be twins.

I love baking desserts of any kind! Especially any kind of cookies. Seems like the ladies enjoy those sweet treats when delivered by a man!

One of my goals in life is to go to New Zealand and tour the Lord of the Rings set. This may sound really nerdy, but I really loved Peter Jackson's rendition of JRR Tolkien's greatest novel. Perhaps I can accomplish this on my honeymoon? haha

I don't know how to swim for the life of me...

I dislike onions and pickles

I've quit fast food

When I was younger I wanted to grow up to be the next Carson Daly. Not because he was with Tara Reid, because I think she looks like hell, but because hes a ladies man and I wanted to be the next TRL VJ!

For my 27th birthday, I am planning on going to Maui, Hawaii. Just because I've never experienced the islands before and would love to make it happen, especially when I'm growing closer to turning 30!

My first concert was the Justified/Stripped Tour in Las Vegas, starring Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

I dislike Granolas...not the bars, but the type of people who always seem to be wearing Tivas even in the winter time...WTF!

Last but certainly not least, I hope to be able to become a wonderful husband and father!



I've been hit in the head by a falling star and it has occurred to me that apparently, I'm ADDICTED to this new found way of expressing the madness within...

Let me first just thank you for coming back and humoring me with taking time out of your busy day to dive into my brain and trying to make sense of all this. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ( Reminds me of a song..."From the Bottom of my Broken Heart...theres just somethings I'd really like you to know....")


While at work last night/this morning, besides the clamoration of zip codes, unreadable addresses, and looking at stamps (I work for the United States Post Office..can I get a Booyah?) all I can think about, next to glancing at the clock anticipating the final hour till I get to clock out and go home, is sitting down and hashing out my next masterpiece (this blog).

Next to Orlando Bloom, Lord of the Rings, Tech9ne, Blake Lewis, a heapful of Momma Rogers' homemade chocolate cake, and trying to get my V-card punched; I am beginning to enjoy this new found way of expressing my wittiness next to all my other obsessions.

Yes, I've said it, O-B-S-E-S-S-I-O-N-S! But I've already said too much, and to keep you coming back like a bad case of the CLAP (get those regular check ups with yer OBGYN) and because I've most likely went beyond the normal word count capacity for one day, I will have to continue this until next time.

You may already think you know what they are...but sorry to break it to you...

YOU DON'T haha!



Oook so its 6:30am and I haven't been to sleep yet. I got home from work a couple hours ago, and just HAD to check out my new blog site. What can I say? I'm in love with this new found way of throwing myself out there for the entire world to view, to get to know the REAL me...

FINALLY I have once again found a means of being the center of attention!

But honestly, if you ask my friends, they would beg to differ. They would tell you that I'm a shy, introverted, timid handsome guy who likes a quiet moment spent alone.

Alone with OBSESSED THOUGHTS no doubt!

I've decided to let you know about a lil secret of mine. But you have to promise you will not reveal anything mentioned here, unless of course you give them my blog website address, then by all means have at it!

On second thought, due to the heaviness ladened upon me by my mind, body and soul..it will just have to wait til next time.

You'll just have to come back....BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHa!


Ready For Some "Soaring Tumbling, Free Wheeling?" Well Go Look Somewhere Else, I Don't Do Manual Labor..

Funny that I still remember a particular magically delicious tale about a diamond in the rough, showing us a world...shining, shimmering, splendid?

While sitting on a musty, dirty carpet no less...hhmm

I have finally submerged my body and soul into the BLOG world. No this has nothing to do with the first few lines about a shimmering world on the back of a flying carpet; sorry to dissapoint but I had to catch your attention didn't I? (If you are reading thus far, looks like it worked) You can expect to find witty, and not so witty writings of this SOB, so by all means put me on yer friends list: STALK ME, RAPE ME, CHOKE ME, LOVE ME!

Keep coming back for seconds, theres always room for more!