Day 3: 20 FAVORITE Things!

Here is a list of my 20 FAVORITE things!

Items listed below are subject to change without notice.

#1. My NEICES!! I may be a bit biased, but pretty sure they are the cutest little girls to walk the face of the earth!! I love spending time with them!!

#2. Sonic Cherry Limeades!! I seemed to have quit COKE and Full Throttle energy drinks, only to now enjoy the wonderful sensation from Sonic Drive-In. Happy Hour is the DEVIL!! I dont see how I am going to be able to quit now!! MUST HAVE "EASY ICE, and EXTRA CHERRY SYRUP" otherwise it will JUST taste like plain nasty Sprite...trust me, Im addicted so I KNOW!

#3. My PURPLE Nikes!! I saw these at Foot Locker and HAD to buy them! I have been getting crap from people asking me, "Are you a supporter of Kobe Bryant? Youre wearing his shoes.." No I am not a supporter, NOR am I a FAN of KB..despite the fact that they have his "signature" on them, I liked the color and how they stand out!

(Yes those are my actual legs and feet modeling the shoes..)

#4. I could just say REALITY TV..which I CAN'T get enough of, and will probably be stoned in the town square for some of the stuff I am addicted too, but I HAD to post a few of my favorites here for you to see HOW bad it is! LOL

(I was skeptical about this new season with 2 completely new judges, and NO SIMON. But after watching Hollywood Week..I think I might be in it for the long haul. We'll see if I find a fav out of the contestants.)

#5. THUNDERSTORMS!! Yeah I had to steal this one from my friend Jessica..but its TOO good to pass up!! ESPECIALLY in the anticipation of spring!!

#6. ANGRY BIRDS!! I never thought I would be obsessed with an iPhone app..UNTIL this! If you haven't tried it out yet..then I dont know what to tell you other than, GET IT!!

#7. My 2003 Spyder Eclipse! I love having the top down during the warm weather while driving, there is nothing else that can compare to the overwhelming bliss you can find as the air is blowing on your face and the sun shining above! I never thought I would be so lucky!

#8. Hair COLOR!! You probably didnt see this one coming, but I somehow have managed to change the color of my hair at least every 2-4 weeks..(sometimes less depending on my mood lol)

#9. EXPRESS clothes!! I have never shopped at only ONE place for clothes, until I found Express! Their graphic tees are unique and different, and not to mention I love their skinny jeans!!

#10. BAKING!! After years of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I found my passion for food and sharing it along with friends and family! Nothing brings a group of people together better than food! ESPECIALLY sweets!! I am anticipating entering Culinary school this next fall in hopes of expanding my knowledge and technique!

Halloween Spread 2010

#11. The Ocean! I havent been to the beach in a LONG time, but my heart longs to go back and feel the sand beneath my feet, and hear the sound of the rushing waves gliding along the shore. The picture below just makes you jealous!! I hope to go back sometime soon!!

12. Photography. I currently own a Nikon d3300, which is an amazing digital camera, however, I need to get out more and learn how to use it. I love photos, especially when I can be in them!! Lol

13. My iPhone!! I dont know how I have survived this far without a smartphone. It does EVERYTHING!! Granted I have issues with some of the "built in" sounds, but I cant complain too much. Being able to have easy access to almost anything is awesome! I can only hope that one day I will be able to own an iPad next!!

14. My Family!! We've been through a lot together, but through thick and thin we still manage to have many great times together!! I cant imagine having another!

My brother's wedding 2007 (yeah its old..but this is as close to a family photo we have so far lol)

15. 'Dem Pups! I absolutely LOVE small dogs! I have a preference towards pomeranians, and what can I say, I wouldnt trade them for any other pet!! They bring me so much comfort and love whenever I'm having a bad day! I love dem pups!

Unfortunately my dog, Mecee (on the far right) is no longer with us, but I wont ever forget the good times we shared together!!

16. MOVIES!! I have over 10 favorite movies alone! I get so enthralled with the plot lines, and emotionally invested in certain characters that I sometimes find myself crying during some particular films. I also am a sucker for chick flicks...mostly adaptations of novels by Jane Austen or period films. I dont know why, but I love shedding a tear over a movie! Call me crazy, but the ladies love an emotional man right?? Maybe thats why Im still single? Lol

17. Chocolate! I am a CHOCO-HOLIC! I cant pass up anything containing my infamous drug! I usually have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and ESPECIALLY dinner! (Not really, but I would LOL!)

18. The LDS Temple! I confess my recommend has officially expired, and I have yet to get it renewed, but I cant forget the amazing feeling I feel when I enter its doors! My wish is still to visit all the temples in the country, and I still have yet to conquer that goal, but hopefully I will be able too one day.

19. SUSHI!! I LOVE SUSHI! I cant say it enough! I realize most of the favorite things I've listed are mostly some type of food, lol but I can't say it enough!! I love everything about the Asian culture and hope to be able to visit the country and try the real stuff!!

20. Board Games! Any chance I get, I look for an opportunity to play a board game with people! I even find myself BEGGING them to play! I dont consider myself a competitive person, at least not until I break out a board game then ITS ON!!


Day 2 Favorite Movie

When it comes to movies, I am a crazy fanatic! I have a TOP 5, Top 10 and Top 20 of my favorite films of all time! Definitely hard to pick ONE as my ALL TIME favorite, because each year it changes. So for this particular post it came down too...


Dont ask me HOW in the world I never got out to actually see this movie while it was in the theaters, but when I saw it once it came out on Blu Ray, it completely captured my mind! I was enthralled with every aspect of the ideas behind the movie and grew to love the characters! After watching, I immediately became fans of Joseph Gordon Leavitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ellen Page. All were amazing actors in the film! I admit I cried at the end, and due to the TWIST at the end leaving the audience to decide for themselves, I still choose to believe that it ended how I wanted it to end! Director Christopher Nolan continues to outdo himself with every movie that he directs! I loved Dark Knight, and have grown to love Inception! If you havent seen this movie, CALL ME!! I would gladly watch it with you!! You will not regret it!


30 DAY Blog Challenge! Day 1 Favorite Songs

My good friend Jess and her sis and bro-in-law, started this 30 day blog challenge in an attempt to get them in the habit of writing more frequently. Jess told me that I should also get involved! So the first day was to name your FAVORITE SONG!

Being an avid lover of all things musical..(maybe songs that some may not even consider music) I enjoy listening anytime I can while driving, cleaning or while working on the computer. I go through moods most of the time, where I prefer particular genres over others. But mostly I find myself coming back to a song I havent heard in a LONG time, and still recalling the first time I heard it, and the memories. I will also look for ANY REASON to compile a mix of random songs for Jess, just to see her reactions haha.

Its hard to only pick JUST ONE favorite, so I listed my top 10 below! Hope you find this enjoyable, and who knows, maybe it will inspire you!

#1 Poker Face - Lady GaGa: Yeah I know, predictable right? Well if ONLY you knew the story behind my infatuation with this song, and NO its not the racy music video. I was having a root canal and was gassed up, and this music video was playing on the small tv next to my chair. How could I NOT watch it? I wasnt exactly in control of my mind at the time. Before this, I despised everything LG would come out with. But once I saw her performace of this song on IDOL season 7, and then again at the dentist office-I became a fan, and cant bring myself to press SKIP on the cd player when it comes on! Call me crazy, but I really want this song played at my wedding! LOL

#2 Born To Make You Happy - Britney Spears: This song holds a special place in my heart, and not because it was BEFORE Britney turned insane, shaved her head, and had a complete meltdown and a comeback within a year of eachother. Everytime I hear this song, it definitely takes me back to 1999 after graduating High School. I was a couple months away from going into the mission field, and I was not looking forward to not being in touch with the rest of the world. It was the first song that made me a FAN! And YES I know every dance step to the music video haha.

#3 Bye, Bye, Bye - Nsync: Oh GREAT another POP song..yeah so I am obsessed with POP music, but its definitely defined me as who I am today! I am a HUGE FAN of Justin Timberlake! But I didnt become a fan of the hit boy band of the late 90's until my senior year in High School. Bye, Bye, Bye was the hit single on their second album, that also happened to come out the DAY before I left on my mission..so you can imagine how overplayed it was by time the night was over. I also know the dance steps to this music video as well haha.

#4 Remember When It Rained - Josh Groban: I was introduced to this song by my good friend, Jessica Rogers. The moment she played it for me, I was instantly hooked! The lyrics touch me everytime I listen to it! I especially LOVE hearing the song when its raining outside!! I know it sounds cliche, but its one of my favorites that holds a special place in my heart! Thank you Jessica for introducing me to this classic and an amazing artist!!

#5 Somebody To Love - Justin Bieber: I never thought I would put this out there publicly, and I can only IMAGINE what youre thinking to yourself after reading this..but what can I say? I have the BIEBER FEVER!! I know he looks like a "girl" and embodies everything that conservative Mothers dont want their daughters to fall in love with, but the song itself has a good message and who doesnt love Usher?! I will also be playing this song at my wedding! Watch OUT! Haha

#6 Say It Right - Nelly Furtado: I wasnt a fan of the Nelly back when she was "Like A Bird." But once she collaborated with Timbaland, and Promiscuous came out, I had to jump on the Nelly bandwagon! The music video itself, embodies everything that I would imagine a hit song like this to include! Not to mention the rifts by Timbaland himself! Lol

#7 Forget You - Cee Lo Green: I know that the title of this song has been edited especially for radio, but who doesnt LOVE this song?! I definitely preferred the Glee version where Gwyneth Paltrow is singing the hit song, but the original is just as good!

#8 Burn It To The Ground - Nickelback: You probably wouldnt see me as a hard rock-post grunge type of a guy..but this song is one of my favorites Nickelback has come up with! Not that I am a patron of alcohol, but I have friends who do, and therefore must be aware of their surroundings and make sure theyre safe! Right? Lol

#9 Drive - The Cars: You may think this is random, but I will ALWAYS LOVE this song! Especially when I am on a road trip, this song will be included in the mix tape for the ride! I find it romantic in some ways, and only hope to share it with someone who can only appreciate the subtle, intimate, soft ballad!

#10 Teenage Dream - Glee version: You may not be as much of a fan of Glee as I am, but the remakes of hit songs they put together, I find, are WAY better than their original! Hence the remake of Katy Perry's, Teenage Dream! After hearing their rendition, I can't even bring myself to listen to the original, its just THAT good!

Hope you enjoyed my TOP 10 playlist! Feel free to let me know if you would like me to put together a mix tape for you, and I guarantee, you wont be disappointed!! Make sure you check back tomorrow when I tackle Day 2: Favorite Movie! It'll be a good one!