How FINE was '09?

So below I posted a remix of the memorable moments of 2009, REMIX style...hope you enjoy!!

2009: The Song by DJ Steve Porter:


Witty One-GUY Liners

After my recent post, I understand it may have been a little too negative..but come on, dont we all have "those" days?? Anyway so I decided to copy this list, complete with ONE WORD answers...trust me, it was hard even for me. I was inspired from a post off of a good friends' blog (thanks RaeLynn!)

Even though she didn't tag me, all is forgiven. I will make sure to get her back later. Enjoy!

1. Where is your cell phone? Present
2. Your hair? Steps
3. Your mother? Giving
4. Your father? Heaven
5. Your favorite food? Sushi
6. Your dream last night? Stimulating
7. Your favorite drink? Coke
8. Your dream/goal? Marriage
9. What room are you in? Basement
10. Your hobby? Desserts!
11. Your fear? Drowning
12. Where do you want to be in six years? Married!!
13. Where were you last night? Basement
14. Something you aren’t? Selfish
15. Muffins? Please!!
16. Wish list item? Pomeranian
17. Where did you grow up? Utah
18. Last thing you did? Text'd
19. What are you wearing? Aeropostale
20. TV? TOP CHEF...(ok so that wasn't really one word...)
21. Your pets? Pomeranians
22. Your friends? Inspiring
23. Your life? Challenging
24. Your mood? Optimistic
25. Missing someone? Neices
26. Vehicle? Dead
27. Something you’re not wearing? Shades
28. Your favorite store? Express
29. Your favorite color? Blue
30. When was the last time you laughed? Hour
31. When was the last time you cried? Today
32. Your best friend? Gone
33. One place that you go over and over? Future
34. One person who e-mails me regularly? Priceline
35. Favorite place to eat? Red Lob!

If you JUST got through this, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Now youre mission: Copy the list and post your responses!!


This Week EN-RAGE!


This post will be filled with hate,
frustration, disdain, and anger

CAPITAL letters will be in abundance,
only to emphasize
said ENRAGE!


Like you needed another post dedicated to everything that has annoyed, frustrated, bothered, disgusted, nauseated, or chilled me to the BONE this week! Probably one of the many reasons why I won't make it into the Emerald City above, but if I strike humor into the hearts of men and make their "dismal" lives not as dismal after reading this...I think I will be forgiven.

Now for starters...

Handicapped Stickers

Yes I said it! THE -H-WORD! Not that I despise senior citizens who get the golden ticket to front row parking spots everywhere, but there has got to be a point in life where you finally realize how 'disabled' you've become. I never thought in my entire life that I would be the lucky owner of said sticker, but to only be 28 years of age??? SOMETHING HAS TO BE SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH ME!! So being a proud owner, I officially parked in the handicapped parking one night at the SMITH's grocery store, only to be accosted upon exiting my vehicle by a woman next to me, "Do you mind moving your car please? My husband is paralyzed and theres no room for him to get out because youre parked here..." she says. I proceeded to look around me, only to see that there were SEVERAL open spots next to her, and that she WANTED me to move?! "You're not even handicapped..." she begins to tell me. "OH GOSH DARNIT, YOU FOUND ME OUT! GUESS I BETTER MOVE BEFORE YOU CALL THE COPS ON ME," I thought to myself-only to tell her about my congenital bone disease, that I have a legitimate sticker to allow me to park there, and if she had x-ray vision she would've seen the hardware holding me in place. BUT being the Christ-like person that I am, I moved my car. Only to feel EXTREMELY hateful and utter disdain for that woman, wanting to go back out to her car and tell her how I really feel...but there was sunshine in my soul that day, so I decided to wish her and her paralyzed spouse all the best.

Halloween Trick-or-Treaters

I love Halloween! The decorating, dressing up and throwing my annual Halloween-Costume Bunko party every year! But the one thing that upsets me is the fact that some people think its completely okay, to trick-or-treat over the age of 16! I was lucky this year that I was gone the entire night, but seriously though-for high school age kids to come to your door, not even in costume, with a pillow case wanting a hand out...there was NO WAY I would've attempted that back in high school! The other thing is when a house has turned off all their lights-obviously indicating that they weren't "participating" or have run out of the good stuff altogether, but that people STILL go up and knock on the door and ring the doorbell several times and not catching on...give me a freaking break!! ITS A RULE!! And if its not..its somehow managed to carry on throughout time.


For those of you that haven't watched this on the Food Network, you're missing out! I'm not going to go into the details, but this week they decided to eliminate MY FAVORITE competitor, one who I was certain would be THE NEXT IRON CHEF, but when they chose him to leave the competition, I hit the roof! I am still mad just thinking about it...I probably won't continue watching the show anymore because of it. COMPLETELY RUINED MY WEEK! THANKS FOOD NETWORK! After one who has devoted his precious time to a reality show, only to be given the shaft halfway through is aggravating!!

Hope you all feel as frustrated as I did this past week...


New Found Strength

After this past General Conference, I've been wanting to become more spiritual, and giving more of my time to the lord. These past few months, I've been so caught up in the world and whats going on around me, that I lost focus in what really matters. Being spiritually uplifted, and renewed after Conference, really made me want to change myself for the better, and do something more!

I jumped onto my computer today, ready to hit the "everyday to-do list" when I noticed the computer was already logged into my mom's homepage, where the LDS website was pulled up. As I attempted to log out, I glanced to the left sidebar and noticed a message from President Thomas S. Monson from the October Ensign, entitled 'Finding Strength Through Obedience."

Now strength was something I have been praying about for the last few months, and I haven't really felt like I was receiving an answer. I attempted to read this particular message.

He mentioned the importance of searching for our "FOUNTAIN OF TRUTH" rather than focusing on the worlds "fountain of youth." He continued to share that, "strength can be found from keeping the commandments, and that obedience was paraphrased by Jesus to Peter at Galilee, when he said, “Follow me.” To Philip came the same instruction, “Follow me.” And to the publican Levi, who was sitting at receipt of customs, came the beckoning call, “Follow me.” Even to one who came running after him, one who had great possessions, came the words, “Follow me.”

And to you and to me that same voice, this same Jesus, says, “Follow me.” Are we willing to obey?" President Monson then recounted a modern day example, where in the end he says, "His strength came from obedience." After I read that last phrase, I was immediately overcome by the spirit, and started to cry. I admit that recently, I haven't been as obedient as I could've been, but just reading this article I felt like it was an answer to my prayers!

I've never been one to receive spiritual moments on a day to day basis, but to feel like I am worthy enough to receive insight and inspiration such as that, I feel like I have enough strength to be more obedient, and give more of my time to the lord everyday.

I've always tried my best to live by the scripture in Joshua, 24:15 where he says 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.'

No matter what the opposition, somehow that scripture always manages to put me back on the straight and narrow and help me refocus. I am so grateful that I am worthy enough to receive such a spiritual gift!


Back in the Blog Saddle Again...well Maybe

So for those of you who take the time out of your busy, hectic, VIP lives to read my "inspiring" words of encouragement, excitement and wonder allow me to offer my gratitude! As you have noticed it has been awhile since my last post, and a lot has transpired over the past 4 months-but unfortunately this post is not going to cover everything that has occurred. Sorry. Let me just sum it all up by saying I've felt like I was sucked into a class 5 tornado and just barely landed back on the cold, solid earth-HARD!

I don't know where my life will take me from here. I wake up every morning literally regretting whats in store. All sense of joy and excitement I had for those "new" experiences have left me with so much disappointment, that I don't care for them anymore.

The only bit of hope I have left resides in the faith that I hold in my lord and savior. Even when there are those moments of fear and doubt that I am all alone, I know that he is there with me dealing with those challenges that I am faced with everyday. There have been many times I have just wanted to throw in the towel and give up altogether, but there is still some strength left in me to 'keep on trucking.' I know what I need to do, but I can't seem to find the motivation to just do it. I have been so comfortable lately in my uninspiring bubble, that doing something different feels like too much work. Its either keep taking the boo-boo train or get off and start walking. Not sure where the road will lead, but I need to take the risk of finding out. I am ready for that sense of accomplishment and success that I have dreamed of in the past, but if I keep procrastinating, that moment probably will evade me for the rest of my life.

I don't want to live the "what if.." I want to live the "I DID IT!" Hopefully all of you can be there to cheer me on as I cross that finish line.


Scratch it with Your Claws!

Just wanted to fully give an official "shout out" to the beginning of the AWESOME summer blockbusters hitting a theater near you...

Despite the dismal reviews its been receiving from movie critics, (i.e. my usual, go-to movie review source, rottentomatoes.com), who happened to dissapoint in giving Wolverine a poor 37% rating. Can't say that I agree with them, not sure what the majority of the public was expecting from another super hero movie, but all I can say is it was 10 times WAAAAAAAY better than the hot mess of X MEN 3: The Last Stand!


Wolverine is not "THE DARK KNIGHT," esp considering the fact that Batman and Wolverine are two completely different characters, but I am not about to present the pros and cons of either comic book phenom, this is not a comic-con blog, nor do I pay frequent monthly dues to the comic book geek fan club, but I would like to enjoy this new sense of serenity and quit hearing about how "dissapointing" the movie was altogether.

It lived up to my expectations and was exactly what I thought it should be! So it was a $8 well spent! Thank you Jordan Commons!

I will always be a fan of the X Men franchise and especially of Hugh Jackman! I would also like to add Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch and my second favorite hobbit/LOSTee Dominic Monaghan to the list, 3 rising stars whom I did not think were worthy of being casted-but I was shot down immediately.

Its about time the dry-spell that is, Hollywood movies, has been giving a sprinkling of essence which will soon become a FLOOD of widely anticipated summer movies!!


Hell Week

Studio Fifty-Seven. "Fifty-seven."
Kara spews her nonsense till I start to freak.
Then it's Randy's turn to lob a lame critique.
And yet still I live for Idol all damn week.

Five-four. She meant Studio five-four.
But the new judge, once again she did misspeak.
And now Simon's calling Allison a freak.
And yet still I live for Idol all damn week.

Oh I love to hear Kris Allen
'Cause Kris Allen never shrieks
But the judges never give him props
Their praise remains oblique

Now let's say goodbye to Megan
She has got a hot physique
And she's giving us one last 'caw-caw'
Although she has no beak

Group singing!
Time for a quick shnack-y break
I'd kill for some cake
Is this singing fake?

Haha. Lady Gaga.
Has a zipper on her eye, my interest's piqued!
When did Paula learn about singing technique?
This is why I live for Idol all damn week.

written by Micheal Slezak, www.ew.com

Ok, so I happened to stumble upon this lil rap off of the Entertainment Weekly website- it definitely described my feelings from Idol this past week. So why not give the guy some credit, and post it on my popular, uber-fan flowing blog? Hence you've feasted on the word!

Enough Idol-atry...>ahem<

Ok onto the week which was hell for me..

Sunday evening as I was enjoying a late night catch up on the DVR, (really enjoyed Dennis Rodman in a chauffeur outfit on Celeb Apprentice, my new favorite reality show) and then I felt IT!

A toothache!

One I have not felt for 7 years! I think that's got to be a record! At least it is for me..I have thought I had been immune to feeling such annoyance for the remainder of my days-yeahhh not quite. Once I got myself back onto the rough, turf that is reality, I called and made an appointment to take care of said annoyance.

I like to consider myself...IN TOUCH..with the ethereal forces of nature, cosmic forces, stars allignment yadddah yaddah and had the smallest thought that this was not just any normal toothache, but that it would require a root canal! Mind you this thought came to me waaaaaaay before I saw the dentist-but to make a blog post short, sure enough the words, "How do you feel about a root canal," shattered my already fragile soul.

What was I suppose to say? "Oh ya know, I LOVE root canals!!"

But of course, my luck, they had to refer me to ANOTHER dentist office for the procedure.

Finally 2 dismal days later, I enter the Rocky Mountain Endodontic office. As I entered suite 109 I seriously thought I had traveled back in time to some bad country western. The only thing missing was the musk and smell of cattle and a wide open range. As I was expecting John Wayne himself, to come walking up to me, completely in dental gear-I realized what I'd been missing the past 7 years of good dental health. Damn. Below are a few recollections of that very afternoon, before AND after the nitrus gas.


  • Being told that I was lucky because I had "chosen" the RIGHT tooth that would be easier to work on than the others. "Ya know I tried my best."
  • Sitting there, staring out the window, contemplating what would be worse-the fall after I had leaped out said window, or the root canal. hhhmmm.
  • Having the dentist relate to me the difference between sitting in first class or coach, (in regards to choosing nitrus gas over 'versed' and the initial bill to come afterwards.)

  • As I had decided to go with the nitrus, my mind was still completely in-tack, as the rest of my body felt like it had taken that JUMP out the window.
  • Wrestiling with my mind NOT to say anything completely out of the ordinary or busting out into some Nsync lyrics.
  • Being told throughout the procedure "Are you doing okay?" What did they expect me to say while I was breathing in intense amounts of nitrus??? Was this their way of trying to initiate some sort of comedy routine for their pleasure?
  • Still wishing I had followed the rest of my body, and jumped out that window
  • Attempting to drive home while still feeling the effects of the gas, and numbed out of my mind!!
  • Getting home and supposedly texting while under the influence (hence the text asking Jess if we had lunch that same afternoon, which we had, but I had forgotten about...)
Now I am sitting here, with a swollen cheek and going in and out of country-western-dental-flashes from that afternoon. I am not out of the woods yet. I still have yet to go in and get a crown over the tooth.

So for the next 2 weeks I have to watch what I eat, so as to not cause any sort of fracture or break in the remaining tooth. Can you feel my excitement? Somehow my telepathic abilities are telling me this is only the beginning...


Shopping With Idols, My BlaKE-DC LIST!

Cara you said you wanted to know what it was like shopping with me right?? Well here goes!

You may recall my banter a few posts back where I vowed not to dedicate my energy, thoughts, or time to, Idolatry Season 8 Reflections, but once I took the chance and tuned in to watch the Top 36, I caved, and was immediately hooked!! So I lit up my Idol pipe once again.


(i was thinking Bob Marley)

Despite all the new rules, new judge, hate the new judge, hate the new rules-I have already predicted my choices for the finale! But more on that later.

In a season where I've felt cynical, enraged, and disengaged from-one of my most favorite television shows (thanks to Blake Lewis for converting me back onto the Idol train), I'd say that seven (maybe even eight) of the 13 finalists stepped up with performances that proved, as Randy Jackson put it, that they're ''in it to win it.''

Especially since as far back as I can recall, the official "MJ Collaboration week" reminded me of a bad karaoke bar (thank you to Jorge and Anoop for keeping the flame alive!)

As bad as it was, luckily none of the top 13 sent me to bed with nightmares of a barrel-racing beauty queen as Kristy Lee Cook did in the opening week of the finals last year, with her countrified ''Eight Days a Week." YEEEEEEEE-HAWW!!

Now Allison,one of my top 5 predictions, isn't your typical Idol beauty queen, (thankfully) It's refreshing to see a teenage female contestant on this show who hasn't already been media-trained into soundbite-spewing submission. For the record, just because Allison's dad is from El Salvador and speaks with an accent doesn't mean we require subtitles to understand what he's saying.

But for Jorge that is a different story...one that I will not get into because he went home tonight.


Another top 5 and on the Blake Lewis, David Cook list...ladies and gentelman I give you


I thought his take on ''Remember the Time'' was one of the night's strongest and most relevant performances!! I was seriously ready to shell out the 99 cents to buy the song on iTunes, and spare the additional 50 cents for the video! Im not much of an avid MJ fanatic, but Kris' rendition made me a believer! I hope he continues to go far in the competition-hand in hand with his wife (doubt that will deter the girls from casting their votes for him)

Megan Corkrey

As much as I want to root for a Utah-grown resident, no amount of quirky dancing will get her into the finals...but I do find her voice seducing me (much like my Nelly
Furtado did.) sigh. Hopefully she gets passed the top 10, just so I can continue my 2 year streak attending the Idol concert at Energy Solutions Arena.

We interrupt this paragraph for a very important HOT MOM ALERT. Megan's mom?

Matt Giraud

Again with the Justin Timberlake seal of approval, they tainted Justin's good name when reference to Chris "LAWN GNOME" Richardson from Season 6-so why do they have to do it again this year?!!!! No one can compare to JT! Matt will go far no doubt, but don't know if he has as much as it takes to break through the top 5.

Adam Lambert

Aside from studying his hairstyle, he too has made it into Blake Lewis, DC list...and one I believe will be in the finale for sure!! His vocal range is like no other! Some may think it is screeching, or sounding like a dolphin in heat-but its DIFFERENT! Lets face it, America digs different! I am still contemplating whether or not to buy his guyliner...I will keep you posted

Danny Goecke

I know I will probably be stoned in time square for saying this but unfortunately, I'm less prepared to give Danny an automatic pass to the finals, as Paula prematurely predicted. He does have a tender, heart wrenching story behind him, but so do the single moms-Megan, Lil' and Alexis...so get in line buddy and continue to pull at Americas heart strings. (Obviously his voice will put him in the finals), and if by some natural disaster, he gets the boot-I am POSITIVE the judges will use their powers to make sure he is safe...least you have that to look forward too Dan.

I still find myself remembering the tragic event that happened last year when Aussie-pro tennis playa' matey Micheal Johns got kicked off the stage, still brings a smile to my face-at least all of his fans can feel vindicated as his single comes out next month.

Track 1 entitled: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

How ironic.

Which brings me to the five contestants most deserving of winding up in the bottom three next week: Michael Sarver, Scott MacIntyre, Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds


Not THAT Into YOU!

This past Valentines Day weekend, I had the pleasure of going on a "poly-ga-date" aka a date which included one single guy (me), and 3 single ladies. The movie for the night...ohhhh

"he's just not that into you"


I can understand, after 122 minutes of comedy, affairs, breakups, hookups and make-ups that this movie speaks the truth for MOST women out there who run into the guys like Bradley Cooper's character, or how about Ben Affleck or Justin Connolly? After seeing their relationships and how they, overall treated the opposite sex-I can imagine any woman coming away feeling inadequate. Or at least thats how I felt watching each, "6 degrees of separation" esque encounter.

I hate to admit it, (other than the fact that I enjoyed the movie, despite Jennifer Connelly ending up BY HERSELF, AND DIVORCED and Jen Aniston literally portraying HER LIFE IN REAL TIME) But after the credits, my mind was reeling out of control!

What happened to the book entitled, "she's just not that into you?"

I doubt I am the only one who feels this way (and if I am, keep it to yourself) but I was feeling like there was seriously something wrong with me, after watching that movie. I am almost past the prime of my time, and still have yet to be in a relationship of any kind.


Imagine being overwhelmed, hopeless, desperate, inadequate, lonely, sad, paranoid, anxious, frustrated, analytical, and hungry all at the EXACT same time. These feelings were literally devouring my fragile, delicate soul. I could not escape! I was trapped in a cage, while beind prodded with emotions, while the voices were telling me "shes just not that into you."

A great friend of mine, who happens to be a lady, told me that she is tired of asking people what they've been up too, and receiving the response, "Oh you know just doing the married thing" and coming away feeling that she had NO idea what that was like, because she happens to be single and therefore not MARRIED!! She told me that from now on, if she is ever asked the question she will just say, "oh you know, just doing the SINGLE thing. " (Sorry if I totally misinterpreted any of the above Jess, have your lawyer contact my lawyer. Hope you can forgive me)

I immediately felt the light of heaven shining down on me at that moment. I could go on forever about the pros and cons of being single vs. being married, or how about celebrating Valentines Day as "Single's awareness day" and receiving text messages at 7 am wishing YOU a HAPPY SINGLE'S AWARENESS DAY!! You know what....THANKS A LOT! I get it! I am SINGLE! As of right now it feels like it will be FOREVER...and I clearly won't be garnishing the woman of my dreams in flowers, chocolates, and candle wax-but do you need to remind me with a text message at the crack of freaking dawn!?!!

So I have come up with my own personal definition of what it means (to me) as doing the single thing.

Make snickerdoodles and eat the entire batch
(without producing the calories)

Find yourself watching any Jane Austen movie, and by movie I mean Pride and Prejudice and feeling like your a reincarnated version of Mr. Collins rather than Mr Darcy

Going to see "he's just not that into you" with 3 single ladies, ON VALENTINES DAY, and the whole 122 min wondering why there isnt a movie called "SHES just not that into you"

Why none of the ladies you're with ... isn't making out with you-but finding yourself attracted to the female in front with the horse laugh

Being referred to as Peter Pedophile when you enjoy other peoples kids so much

Making up a valid excuse why being single is so great
(hence this definition)

I am hoping one day I will be able to figure out exactly what it is I am doing wrong, and who knows, maybe those of you reading this know WHAT that is...hhmmmmm


This Week EN-RAGE!

I know it has been awhile since my last "This week en-RAGE" post, but there have been a few things that have annoyed me this past week. Thus I have to let it all out somehow, otherwise I may just do something more drastic to release the frustration. Don't worry, you won't be seeing me on Fox 13 for robbing a bank or a Sev' (sorry to disappoint, but Bips not packing heat)

#1. American Idol Season 8

I haven't been on my best behavior, as far as this season of
Idol is concerned. Most of you have known me for being quite the fanatic when it comes to the best show on television (or at least it USED TO BE) But I quit watching after the first week, it was just TOO much. They just added so many "new" things this season, new judge (annoying as crap, and she tries too hard to impress), a Top 36 instead of 24...(cant imagine watching 36 compete for 12 spots..and then we still have 12 more to go.) Its like they're trying to draaaaaaaaaaaaaaag it out longer than usual, and they're clearly doing a great job at it too.

If you're like me and want to jump ahead a whole week and see who makes the TOP 36, visit the website below and you can take a glance at the future hopefuls-I am just relieved that I have been saved from prying my eyes out with a spoon, while enduring another week of painful auditions (not that I've been glued to the past couple weeks or anything). Maybe in 2 weeks I will feel like tuning in and actually caring to cast my vote...

But sadly I'm not betting on it.


Now that I look at it I may not be so "en-raged" as I thought I was in the beginning. After all, I was able to take a peek into the future, and overall saved my life entirely. PRAISE THE LORD!


Now Serving #28.....Years that is!

Another year has gone by, and still have yet to feel I've accomplished anything worthy of your praise, or more importantly-my own. I will always remember a comment made to me this time last year, once again I wasn't feeling so thrilled about turning 27 (after all I've begun to feel the decline towards the black hole that is 30...yeah the other day I noticed I was getting gray hair!!! Cue the violins) anyways, a friend of mine mentioned to me,( when I told her how old I was turning) "Oh yeah, 27 was a hard year for me too." Well so much for attempting to be optimistic about the forth coming year, but amazingly enough I have made it (looking back, I agree with my friend-sadly enough.)

But the past is behind me, and I intend to be optimistic and hopeful for the coming year and want to enjoy the future ahead. In celebration of the magical 8, I have listed 8 things in 5 categories that I hope you will enjoy reading, as much as I did writing down. Cheers!

8 TV shows I have become OBSESSED with recently...

1. Lost

2. Heroes

3. Law and Order: SVU

4. Monk

5. Damages

6. American Idol (admit I am a bit skeptical about this new season...seriously can anyone top the Davids???)

7. Little People/Big World (Dont even ask yourself, if by watching this, that I relate to them-I am legally not a little person, aka midget, hobbit, peck, etc.)

8. Dog the Bounty Hunter (Who cannot get a kick out of this guy and his attempts to capture fugitives with his dog pound family??? if you havent seen it, you are missing out!!)

8 Favorite Restaurants..

I am lucky if I can have more that 1 favorite restaurant, so coming up with at least 8 was a stretch for me!

1. Red Lobster (yes I know only old people eat here, but come on, its the closest to real seafood anywhere in Utah)

2. Mizumi Sushi bar

3. Cheesecake Factory (only the "cheesecake")

4. Tepanyaki

5. Village Inn (its not classy, but you can find the best late night crowd here than anywhere else)

6. Famous Dave's

7. Red Robin

8. TGI Fridays

8 Things to look forward to..

1. Getting to walk normally without "assistance" (no I do not use a jazzy)

2. Finishing my bachelors degree, maybe not in film studies-possibly culinary arts

3. Summer blockbusters!! (Harry Potter 6!! Wolverine movie!!! Star Trek!!!)

4. Becoming a husband and living every waking moment with my best friend

5. Being an Uncle for the second time in June!!

6. No snow...

7. Summer lol

8. Experiencing more great memories with my family and friends

8 Things on MY wishlist...

1. Go back to school and finish

2. Possibly get into a Masters Program

3. Moving into my own condo or town home

4. Being financially sound and stable

5. Spoiling my future neices/nephews

6. Go to New Zealand, Hawaii, London or Austrailia

7. Get married in the Salt Lake Temple

8. Being a worthy priesthood holder and blessing the lives of those around me

Feel free to follow my lead and share with me what your '8 Things' are. Also thanks to all of you, for blessing my life and making it more meaningful for me! I look forward to the future ahead with each and every one of you!


Peace out to 2008

What a year! For the most part it has almost felt like 2 years..I don't know about the rest of you, but 2008 has been quite the trip for me, one that I hope never to travel EVER AGAIN!!

Check..check 1..2..check 3..this is my peace out to 2008!

Every new year, I at least attempt to be reluctant in making it the best than the one previous- but 2008 was nothing to chug a gallon of bubbly for. After January of last year went by, I was determined to suit up and slay the dragons that would be standing in my way!! But along the way, I seemed to have tripped, resulting in the loss of my trusty sword and shield, and ultimately overall, my sense of direction and focus. You can say that on the way down, I hit my head and conjured up a case of amnesia. As a result-those dragons I was intent on slaying, and damsels I was going to rescue, well didn't come close.

I'm not going to list a bunch of events that occurred throughout said year, because I am sure you have better things to do, than to read a list of "woe-as-me's" sung to you by Shay. I refuse to even go there. But let me just say that upon reflection within the last 24 hours, I have realized that I became stuck in my comfort zone, namely laziness and procrastination, and didn't accomplish much of anything to be worthy of praise (let alone a kiss by a fair maiden.) May it be the fear of the unknown, had I attempted to be motivated to accomplish any of the goals I had set out to do. I just put them all on the back burner and let it catch my house on fire.

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to setting goals, resolutions, what have you,-I am just no good at it! Below is a quote that I found summed it all up for me:

"Most people tend to choose the path of least resistance in life. They look for the easy, comfortable situations. But staying comfortable doesn't generate lasting light. We must learn to flee our comfort zones and plunge headfirst into uncomfortable situations. That is where we can apply the most resistance. True, the path of most resistance causes some pain and discomfort for a moment, but its the only way to generate long-term fulfillment. Difficult though it may seem, we should embrace rather than avoid problems and obstacles. They are true opportunities for spiritual development." ~ Yehuda Berg

I don't think it can be said better than that! I am going to flee this comfort zone of mine, that I have been stuck in for the last 5 years, and plunge into new things! (But I cant do it without my floaties, bc I cant swim) I have always wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment and look back with no regrets. To you, 2009, I vow to come away with at least ONE new experience, ONE new road taken, ONE new expression of thought or idea-not a list of 100 things, just ONE. (I know it sounds like an ad for protection against herpes, but I at least had the cajones to put it out there.)

To every one of you who have been so great in 08, (you know who you are) - you are my island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea.* "Details in Fabric" by Jason Mraz