Scratch it with Your Claws!

Just wanted to fully give an official "shout out" to the beginning of the AWESOME summer blockbusters hitting a theater near you...

Despite the dismal reviews its been receiving from movie critics, (i.e. my usual, go-to movie review source, rottentomatoes.com), who happened to dissapoint in giving Wolverine a poor 37% rating. Can't say that I agree with them, not sure what the majority of the public was expecting from another super hero movie, but all I can say is it was 10 times WAAAAAAAY better than the hot mess of X MEN 3: The Last Stand!


Wolverine is not "THE DARK KNIGHT," esp considering the fact that Batman and Wolverine are two completely different characters, but I am not about to present the pros and cons of either comic book phenom, this is not a comic-con blog, nor do I pay frequent monthly dues to the comic book geek fan club, but I would like to enjoy this new sense of serenity and quit hearing about how "dissapointing" the movie was altogether.

It lived up to my expectations and was exactly what I thought it should be! So it was a $8 well spent! Thank you Jordan Commons!

I will always be a fan of the X Men franchise and especially of Hugh Jackman! I would also like to add Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch and my second favorite hobbit/LOSTee Dominic Monaghan to the list, 3 rising stars whom I did not think were worthy of being casted-but I was shot down immediately.

Its about time the dry-spell that is, Hollywood movies, has been giving a sprinkling of essence which will soon become a FLOOD of widely anticipated summer movies!!