The Nanny Steps Out, Here Comes My Tears

So for all of you out there that have complained about Brooke being too emotional, forgetting her lyrics (which only happened once people, check your DVR recordings) and beating out the overly hyped Carly....well you got what you wished for!


This is one blonde, ivory tickler fan that will miss THAT emotion and unique voice tone for the remainder of the competition. I KNOW she wasn't going to take the Idol title, but come on now, she at least had the chords to beat out the bowl smoking Jason....and I wouldn't doubt that he beats out Syesha next week either...but to tell you the truth..

Cookie is taking THE TITLE! With lil Archie coming in second! (But if you want to know the REALITY of it all...I would rather Archie takes it all..because the ones who don't end up winning make MUCH BETTER and MORE SUCCESSFUL records...just look at Daughtry!)

Lights off...I have to go cry some more for my Nanny

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RaeLynn said...

So you like Cook better eh? I think I'll have to go with Archie (if I have to choose). Cook is actually starting to bug me. but yes, it was sad to see Brooke go, I feel bad that Syesha is the only girl now!