Beautiful Neice, Lily, Turns ONE!!

This passed Thursday, my beautiful little neice, Lily, turned 1!! In honor of her special day, we decided to get everyone together on the Saturday, to throw a plethora of activities in her honor!

She sported a ladybug "pillow" dress designed by Bev's Creations, and we barely entered the zoo, and she was so excited, that she ended up having a small accident all over Gammy, aka my mother. So as a result she was already set for her FIRST outfit change of the day. Thanks to Tyson and Amy for feeling the need to bring her birthday presents into the zoo, she was able to rejoin the group with ANOTHER cute dress. This girl has ALREADY gotten the hang of it!


Here are a few pics of cousin Kadence also enjoying the different aspects of the zoo..

Thanks to Tyson and Amy for buying Lily and Kadence little elephants to join them at the zoo! Above, Kadence is giving hers "loves." I LOVED it!!

Lily and Kadence experiencing the zoo's new carousel! They had so much fun! I admit Aaron and Mom did too! Wish I could've ridden with them, but someone had to take pictures.

I admit I haven't been to the zoo for over 20 years at least..so it was great to experience it all over again with Lily on her special day, and with Kadence and Mary, Aaron, Chad, Mom and Tyson and Amy. There is nothing like spending time as a family to bring us all closer together.

Afterwards, we all ended up back at our house for the ladybug party!! I spent the night before staying up until 4 am putting everything together with everyones help, and honestly couldn't have done it without them! I ended up making homemade Vanilla Cupcakes with homemade Vanilla Buttercream frosting, topped with green coconut (made to look like grass) and a red M&M designed to resemble a ladybug. There were also Oreo Truffle Lollipops dipped in white chocolate, homemade Sugar Cookies, and what party isnt a PARTY without homemade chocolate almond dipped strawberries? Thanks to Julie Ward for designing all the ladybug decorations, it wouldn't have been complete without them!

Everyone had so much fun celebrating Lilys special day, and I had fun helping Mary and Aaron bring it all together! There is nothing like spending time with family and friends and partaking AWESOME food..(that I prepared of course lol)

Already looking forward to her 2nd birthday!!

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kim and ned said...

You did such an amazing job. It was an awesome party!