Faith Filled 2011

As the NEW YEAR approaches, I am determined to look forward to what it brings, rather than dwell on the days that are past and what I was unable to accomplish. I really enjoy the words Elder Jeffrey R. Holland used during a BYU devotional of January 2009:

"The past is to be learned from and not lived in! When we learn what we need to learn, and brought with us the best that we've experienced, then we look ahead! We remember that faith is always pointed towards the future. Faith always has to do with blessings, truths, and events that have yet to be important in our life!"

I am guilty of living in the past, and especially regretting things I was unable to change or succeed in. Living in the past can be suffocating and ultimately ruin the new road that is ahead. There were definitely moments where I've found myself, almost depressed, because I dwell on things that are now long gone. If something is buried in the past, I need to leave it there and not look back!

I'm not going to mention anything about "This is MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION," because we all know how long those last. What I will plan on doing this coming year is rising above the past, and having more faith! Faith builds on the past, I trust that God has great things in store for me, and there are good things to come!

I'm going to keep my eyes on my dreams, however distant or far away, they may be! Wishing you all the same optimism this coming year and looking ahead, rather than looking back!!


Aaron Ludwig said...

Hear hear! That's an awesome talk.

Onward and upward. Way to go bro! The best is yet to come.

$Ice$Man said...

Lets hope my "30's" are better than my 20s..but Im not going to look back, just ahead towards an abundant future!