So Much For Wishing On A Wishing Star

That whole BS about when you wish upon a star....

So heres my "fairy tale." Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the American Idol Concert. Granted months beforehand I imagined what it would be like to finally meet Blake Lewis in person! So to make the occasion memorable, I made sure that my hair was colored like his, and that the hairstyle resembled it in every possible way.

Nothing like over exerting yourself for nothing....which I was about to discover.

The moment it hit me was when my very best friend, Deanis Priscilla Rogers, made it known to me that our tickets were RIGHT NEXT to the aisle! At this point I was hyperventalating! I couldnt control myself...this was it! The chance I was waiting for was soon to be realized! I would finally get to meet the man, Blake Lewis!

I got my wristband...our seats were 5 rows from the stage! We were a lot closer than I thought we were, again my heart was pounding against my chest. I just wanted to rip it out and throw it up onto the stage and watch Blake throw it back to me. Then all of a sudden, 2 women in their 30s sit next to us and all I hear is "OMG ITS BLAKES TWIN!" and I look over and this woman, whose name I will find out is Maren, proceeds to bull chuck Jessica to get to me and says, "Can I get my picture with you?!" How can I say no? I love feeling that I somewhat resemble the beatboxing champ..and most of all the hard work put into the hair has most definitely paid off!

Here, allow me to sputter off some beatboxing >SNAP<

After experiencing my second shot at fame, we all get into a huge discussion about American Idol and how much we want to meet Blake. I then find out that Blake's entire family, from Logan, is sitting in the section directly next to us...you can imagine the thoughts running through my mind wanting to invite myself over for Thanksgiving and Christmas just so I can get a picture with Blake! So evidently the night was beginning to be a success, I was on my way to experiencing the greatest moment in my entire life! I will finally be able to die happy!


The lights go down, and the teen/pre-teen crowd starts their engines. Screams after screams as a hand grasps my shoulder, I look over, (ITS BLAKE I THOUGHT TO MYSELF..HES GRABBED MY SHOULDER AND I CAN FINALLY GET MY DAMN $150 WORTH) but again it was Maren, shouting to me that Blake was on stage...I look up and there he is! Less than 20 feet away! And not inside my television set! He was wearing this scruffy wig and funny looking outfit, but I def recognized him, but then he set off stage and the concert began!

Come to find out, I would end up leaving that night with no voice, and NO not because I was screaming, but because I was shouting for Blake and Lakisha (who is a lot hotter in person by the way) experiencing signals to worship Satan (Thanks Gina!) surviving Sanjaya's attempt to come out thrusting his 17 year old pelvis in tight hot pink leather pants, and Chris Richardson trying to even remotely come close to beatboxing. Not to mention I got some great souvenirs and sharing in a wonderful, memorable experience with Jessica Rogers. I wouldn't have it any other way....

Except that I wanted to kick the usher in the nuts that was standing in my way of getting to shake Blake's hand...and whoever said Floor seats are better, I want to shoot them. If it were my decision, and if I knew anything about concerts, I would realize that the ones sitting on the Lower Bowl seats, closer to the aisle nearest the stage were the money makers! They all got to shake hands with the entire AI crew. All I got was a slimy kiss from a woman I barely knew by the end of the night, and bruises from her constantly grabbing me.


If you ask me I would've taken Jessica to grabbing me and kissing me instead...at least that would've made me die happy since my hard work and good money didn't pay off.

Now I had to go home and scrub down the fact that I smelt like I smoked an entire bowl of blow.

Excuse me...

(This blog post has been edited to include humor, frustration, and witty SOB comments to allow you to chew and digest this memorable event of my dreary summer)

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So that's what the hair was all about...