Mmmmm Yummy! >SHMACK<

Oook so I realize it has been waaaaaaaaaaaay to long since my last witty blog posting. I have a perfectly good explanation for it too.

Excuse me while I finish off 3 different kinds of frosting, and 3 different kinds of cupcakes.

Oh Im sorry, forgot where I was for a minute. I have been so tied up lately with work and getting ready for my brother's wedding that I just haven't had time to sit down and put all my random thoughts out of my head.

I recently assisted in planning a Bridal Shower for my brother's fiance, lets call her Mary, which happened to turn out lovely! I was trying to figure out what to serve at the shower, since my mom wasn't about to make dinner for 40 people. So as I was looking over my brother's registeries, I strayed upon the great Williams Sonoma website.

As I was "surfing" (without the board, floaties, and sharks) I noticed they sell cupcake mixes from a Beverly Hills based cupcake chain called Sprinkles (original I know.) What a great idea! Serve cupcakes at the bridal shower! I am amazing, I thought to myself. I will just order up a few of these mixes and prepare them right away.


That will be $75 please.

Umm...I'm not purchasing a shirt from Express, nor am I paying for a recent hair color. There was no way I was about to fork over that many bones just for it to be pooped out later by people I don't really know. So I was beside myself.

Then it came to me...

Purchase the mixes and ingredients and do it yourself! What a great idea! Which in the end came out to being $20. What a save! I apologize that it may seem like I am leaving out a huge chunk of yummy information, but there is anonymous contacts that are baking their brains out and inventing their own Utah based cupcake chain, which I seriously completely endorse by the way.

Every bit of the cupcakes were made from scratch! We made three different kinds and they turned out absolutely wonderful!! By time the shower came around, everyone asked me, as I was restocking the quickly devoured "cuppers" ..."Where did you buy these great cupcakes!"

Oh..I made them..>wink< >wink<

So needless to say, I owe a debt of gratitude to all those who made this possible!! (You know who you are)

Lets just say that I have a dozen leftover if anyone is looking for a late night snack, I for one think I've seen the last of a cupcake for a very long time.


RaeLynn said...

I'll take a cupcake...and you really don't want to see my mean side--so pass it on over. I'm WAITING...

Jessica said...

Hmmm... never knew you were such a cupcake chef. Glad everyone enjoyed the cupcakes you made ;)