Bippy Crocker's Recipe For Dating

I was THAT guy in High School, that there was nothing wrong with, but somehow could never get a girlfriend.

I would open doors, get good grades, flash my million-dollar smile. I chose to live life on the positive side and always dreamed of finding somebody special of whom I would get to know, get engaged, and finally get married. All the way from High School and even into college, dating seemed to be the dead end of any type of relationship.

It wasn't enough to open doors, being a gentleman, paying for dinner, giving them flowers, and even baking cookies for them.

I finally gave up on dating altogether.

In some ways dating is like a recipe for cookies, you need to use the right ingredients.

Self respect


Admiration for the other

Common Goals



The hardest part about making cookies, is that you must allow time for all the ingredients to cook. They smell sooooo good while baking that you're tempted to try them out!!! The truth is cookies are better when they're done.

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RaeLynn said...

So...done as in a break up? Or done as in never-going-to-date-again??