November has officially started off, and I can say that I am already feeling that sense of gratitude for the things around me. Below are some thoughts that came to me today while at fast and testimony meeting. As much as the spirit was trying to force me to get up to the pulpit to bear my heart and soul, I just couldn't its been waaaaaaaaaay too long!! So for these few things, be sure to check back throughout the month for more additions to my Gr-'ATTITUDE' series!! Enjoy!

  • My mom! Who cannot say that they are grateful to the woman who went through hours of labor to give birth to you?? Mind you, I tend to purposefully not ask how the process went, other than I know that I was supposed to have brain damage, due to the "chord" being wrapped around my neck upon "exit." But straight up, some may tell you I still am mentally disabled...but I promise you my mind works just fine!
  • My brother Aaron. I have 2 brothers, and 1 sister who I love and am grateful for all equally the same, but my younger brother holds a special place in my heart, ESPECIALLY now since hes married and moved away...gosh maybe something like that COULD happen to me?? You think? Its so embarrasing to say this, but the other night, as I walked into the room that used to be occupied by him, it just hit me how much I miss being around him and enjoying his spirit. Hes definitely the reincarnation of Nephi! But as this thought came to me, and I mentioned it to my mom how badly I missed him, I started to cry....ughh!! Which is probably a possibility why I am still single and almost 30, AND still living at home with my mom no doubt...the emotions!
  • My Lord and Savior. The Sacrament meeting today was definitely intended FOR ME!! Its hard feeling like you're alone, but he is always there beside you. I am one who cannot imagine going through my day without being on my knees, I am getting better at reading my scriptures everyday, but could use more work. But I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and for the constant companionship of his spirit. I am so glad that I am worthy enough for him to brighten those gloomy moments in my life and make it all seem so trivial.

There may be some lovely individuals who may think that I am insensitive, conceded, and selfish, but I do have a soft spot in my heart. Even room enough for those moments of gratitude and love for those whom deserve it.

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RaeLynn said...

This was a great post Shay. Seriously.