This Is Blake's Hello

Look in my eyes, can you deny me?

I just recently purchased Blake Lewis' new album entitled, ADD: Audio Day Dream.

Characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention
and/or hyper-activity, as well as forgetfulness, poor impulse control, and distractibility.

I've listened to the entire album twice, and going for round 3. I've come to the conclusion that its comparable to the sound of Maroon 5 and Depeche Mode. Its a mixture of ballads (that make me emotional, I know I'm crazy) and pop beats.

I couldn't wait for Santa to stuff this amazing beatbox compilation into my stocking.......


Don't let your A/D/D get the best of you and let your
psyche unwind and
take a trip into AUDIO DAY DREAM!

So meet me at the End of The World, I'm waiting!

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