I would first off like to mention that this year was THE best Christmas I have experienced in awhile. I was able to throw a party for some influential, and fantastic friends anyone could wish for, and I spent the majority of the holiday with my family which I really enjoyed. I also took some ALONE time, (are you surprised?) which I could never see myself doing in my entire life. Just for the fact that I was always one wanting to be amongst A crowd ALL THE TIME. I honestly believe I have reached a major milestone in my life realizing that YOU NEED ALONE TIME!!

I also hope this isn't a sign of old age because I am turning 27 in less than a week...>tear<

Let me just let the dog pound out of the bag okay...in the past 6 years of my life every time my birthday would come around the cash and prizes side of me HAD to throw some sort of get together with friends. I admit some birthdays were better than others, but all in all I can't complain about the great time I've had and the memorable gifts that I've received. Thank yous go out to you all who have endured these gatherings year after year..I salute YOU!

But now that I am spiraling down the hill towards 30..I don't want to bother with it anymore. Does anyone else out there feel the need to make a BIG HOO HAHH about their birthday every year it comes around?? I confess to his holiness that I've been a victim of the birthday HOO HAHH, and could never understand why anyone wouldn't want to make such a big deal about their birthdays.

Mind you I have never been one to text the entire address book in my cell phone stating, "HEY JUST WANT TO REMIND YOU ITS MY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK!" Only to be told back, "HEY JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW I DIDN'T GET YOU ANYTHING!"

I've figured its because from ages 19-25 I was still relishing the ALL ABOUT ME limelight. I was immature and selfish. YES I SAID IT!! But I've finally figured out these demons and decided that I would take a stand and try harder not to squeeze the life out of my friends to come and celebrate just another day with me, ABOUT ME.

Just nod your head and make me think that you understand what this jibberish is portraying. I'm done with the fact that I NEED GIFTS, that I NEED TO GO OUT TO DINNER, that I NEED TO SEND INVITATIONS. There are just more important things, like maybe taking all that energy and time to finding a wife and getting hitched...hhmmm

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Jessica said...

I love ALONE TIME! Ha ha