This Week's BAH-HUMBUG

If you're currently in the 801 area code, (HOLLAH) you would be victim to the lovely white weather we've been receiving NON-STOP!

There are those of us who enjoy the so called "moisture" and in fact pray for it in sunday school or priesthood meeting, but I have become one who literally cringes whenever there is thanks given to the Lord for the "moisture we have received." Right now you're probably thinking, "What a SCROOGE!" Listen, I have absolutely No complaints about giving thanks, but honestly do we really have to pray for MORE?!

You'd think I've learned my lesson of complaining, when I was accosted and told that we're in a drought and we could be without water if it weren't for the "moisture." So maybe I'm ignorant, selfish, take your pick-but God still loves me.

One of the many reasons I am disliking this weather now more than ever, is because this year I am privileged enough to be utilizing crutches to support my bum knee that I had surgery on last September.. but lets not get into too much detail. Anyways so while I am at work, and carefully keeping both eyes glued to the linoleum floors as I am crutching along like Tiny Tim, when almost immediately, my crutch slides out from under me and practically causes my face to meet said linoleum. Luckily the tragedy hasnt struck me (yet) but seriously, its becoming really annoying! There is obviously no way to correct this problem, I just need to get back to walking like a real boy and instead of using "assistance," but I'm afraid that until I am fortunate enough to move someplace with a warmer climate-I will continue to curse the white stuff until the day I die, or move,

Whichever comes FIRST!

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