Peace out to 2008

What a year! For the most part it has almost felt like 2 years..I don't know about the rest of you, but 2008 has been quite the trip for me, one that I hope never to travel EVER AGAIN!!

Check..check 1..2..check 3..this is my peace out to 2008!

Every new year, I at least attempt to be reluctant in making it the best than the one previous- but 2008 was nothing to chug a gallon of bubbly for. After January of last year went by, I was determined to suit up and slay the dragons that would be standing in my way!! But along the way, I seemed to have tripped, resulting in the loss of my trusty sword and shield, and ultimately overall, my sense of direction and focus. You can say that on the way down, I hit my head and conjured up a case of amnesia. As a result-those dragons I was intent on slaying, and damsels I was going to rescue, well didn't come close.

I'm not going to list a bunch of events that occurred throughout said year, because I am sure you have better things to do, than to read a list of "woe-as-me's" sung to you by Shay. I refuse to even go there. But let me just say that upon reflection within the last 24 hours, I have realized that I became stuck in my comfort zone, namely laziness and procrastination, and didn't accomplish much of anything to be worthy of praise (let alone a kiss by a fair maiden.) May it be the fear of the unknown, had I attempted to be motivated to accomplish any of the goals I had set out to do. I just put them all on the back burner and let it catch my house on fire.

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to setting goals, resolutions, what have you,-I am just no good at it! Below is a quote that I found summed it all up for me:

"Most people tend to choose the path of least resistance in life. They look for the easy, comfortable situations. But staying comfortable doesn't generate lasting light. We must learn to flee our comfort zones and plunge headfirst into uncomfortable situations. That is where we can apply the most resistance. True, the path of most resistance causes some pain and discomfort for a moment, but its the only way to generate long-term fulfillment. Difficult though it may seem, we should embrace rather than avoid problems and obstacles. They are true opportunities for spiritual development." ~ Yehuda Berg

I don't think it can be said better than that! I am going to flee this comfort zone of mine, that I have been stuck in for the last 5 years, and plunge into new things! (But I cant do it without my floaties, bc I cant swim) I have always wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment and look back with no regrets. To you, 2009, I vow to come away with at least ONE new experience, ONE new road taken, ONE new expression of thought or idea-not a list of 100 things, just ONE. (I know it sounds like an ad for protection against herpes, but I at least had the cajones to put it out there.)

To every one of you who have been so great in 08, (you know who you are) - you are my island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea.* "Details in Fabric" by Jason Mraz

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Katie Ray said...

So....We need to hang out! I love reading your blog! Happy New Year!