Now Serving #28.....Years that is!

Another year has gone by, and still have yet to feel I've accomplished anything worthy of your praise, or more importantly-my own. I will always remember a comment made to me this time last year, once again I wasn't feeling so thrilled about turning 27 (after all I've begun to feel the decline towards the black hole that is 30...yeah the other day I noticed I was getting gray hair!!! Cue the violins) anyways, a friend of mine mentioned to me,( when I told her how old I was turning) "Oh yeah, 27 was a hard year for me too." Well so much for attempting to be optimistic about the forth coming year, but amazingly enough I have made it (looking back, I agree with my friend-sadly enough.)

But the past is behind me, and I intend to be optimistic and hopeful for the coming year and want to enjoy the future ahead. In celebration of the magical 8, I have listed 8 things in 5 categories that I hope you will enjoy reading, as much as I did writing down. Cheers!

8 TV shows I have become OBSESSED with recently...

1. Lost

2. Heroes

3. Law and Order: SVU

4. Monk

5. Damages

6. American Idol (admit I am a bit skeptical about this new season...seriously can anyone top the Davids???)

7. Little People/Big World (Dont even ask yourself, if by watching this, that I relate to them-I am legally not a little person, aka midget, hobbit, peck, etc.)

8. Dog the Bounty Hunter (Who cannot get a kick out of this guy and his attempts to capture fugitives with his dog pound family??? if you havent seen it, you are missing out!!)

8 Favorite Restaurants..

I am lucky if I can have more that 1 favorite restaurant, so coming up with at least 8 was a stretch for me!

1. Red Lobster (yes I know only old people eat here, but come on, its the closest to real seafood anywhere in Utah)

2. Mizumi Sushi bar

3. Cheesecake Factory (only the "cheesecake")

4. Tepanyaki

5. Village Inn (its not classy, but you can find the best late night crowd here than anywhere else)

6. Famous Dave's

7. Red Robin

8. TGI Fridays

8 Things to look forward to..

1. Getting to walk normally without "assistance" (no I do not use a jazzy)

2. Finishing my bachelors degree, maybe not in film studies-possibly culinary arts

3. Summer blockbusters!! (Harry Potter 6!! Wolverine movie!!! Star Trek!!!)

4. Becoming a husband and living every waking moment with my best friend

5. Being an Uncle for the second time in June!!

6. No snow...

7. Summer lol

8. Experiencing more great memories with my family and friends

8 Things on MY wishlist...

1. Go back to school and finish

2. Possibly get into a Masters Program

3. Moving into my own condo or town home

4. Being financially sound and stable

5. Spoiling my future neices/nephews

6. Go to New Zealand, Hawaii, London or Austrailia

7. Get married in the Salt Lake Temple

8. Being a worthy priesthood holder and blessing the lives of those around me

Feel free to follow my lead and share with me what your '8 Things' are. Also thanks to all of you, for blessing my life and making it more meaningful for me! I look forward to the future ahead with each and every one of you!

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