New Found Strength

After this past General Conference, I've been wanting to become more spiritual, and giving more of my time to the lord. These past few months, I've been so caught up in the world and whats going on around me, that I lost focus in what really matters. Being spiritually uplifted, and renewed after Conference, really made me want to change myself for the better, and do something more!

I jumped onto my computer today, ready to hit the "everyday to-do list" when I noticed the computer was already logged into my mom's homepage, where the LDS website was pulled up. As I attempted to log out, I glanced to the left sidebar and noticed a message from President Thomas S. Monson from the October Ensign, entitled 'Finding Strength Through Obedience."

Now strength was something I have been praying about for the last few months, and I haven't really felt like I was receiving an answer. I attempted to read this particular message.

He mentioned the importance of searching for our "FOUNTAIN OF TRUTH" rather than focusing on the worlds "fountain of youth." He continued to share that, "strength can be found from keeping the commandments, and that obedience was paraphrased by Jesus to Peter at Galilee, when he said, “Follow me.” To Philip came the same instruction, “Follow me.” And to the publican Levi, who was sitting at receipt of customs, came the beckoning call, “Follow me.” Even to one who came running after him, one who had great possessions, came the words, “Follow me.”

And to you and to me that same voice, this same Jesus, says, “Follow me.” Are we willing to obey?" President Monson then recounted a modern day example, where in the end he says, "His strength came from obedience." After I read that last phrase, I was immediately overcome by the spirit, and started to cry. I admit that recently, I haven't been as obedient as I could've been, but just reading this article I felt like it was an answer to my prayers!

I've never been one to receive spiritual moments on a day to day basis, but to feel like I am worthy enough to receive insight and inspiration such as that, I feel like I have enough strength to be more obedient, and give more of my time to the lord everyday.

I've always tried my best to live by the scripture in Joshua, 24:15 where he says 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.'

No matter what the opposition, somehow that scripture always manages to put me back on the straight and narrow and help me refocus. I am so grateful that I am worthy enough to receive such a spiritual gift!


RaeLynn said...

Great post. I wrote a similar one just tonight, actually. I'm pretty sure I invited you to my blog (I went private)...if I didn't email me @ ebayrae@gmail.com and I'll make sure you get an invite (IF you want one. heh.)

Aaron Ludwig said...

This is awesome Shay! You definitely got more out of conference than me. I think I'm in a rut. I need a push in the right direction to get me back onto the path of being more spiritually minded. This helps. Thanks.