This Week EN-RAGE!


This post will be filled with hate,
frustration, disdain, and anger

CAPITAL letters will be in abundance,
only to emphasize
said ENRAGE!


Like you needed another post dedicated to everything that has annoyed, frustrated, bothered, disgusted, nauseated, or chilled me to the BONE this week! Probably one of the many reasons why I won't make it into the Emerald City above, but if I strike humor into the hearts of men and make their "dismal" lives not as dismal after reading this...I think I will be forgiven.

Now for starters...

Handicapped Stickers

Yes I said it! THE -H-WORD! Not that I despise senior citizens who get the golden ticket to front row parking spots everywhere, but there has got to be a point in life where you finally realize how 'disabled' you've become. I never thought in my entire life that I would be the lucky owner of said sticker, but to only be 28 years of age??? SOMETHING HAS TO BE SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH ME!! So being a proud owner, I officially parked in the handicapped parking one night at the SMITH's grocery store, only to be accosted upon exiting my vehicle by a woman next to me, "Do you mind moving your car please? My husband is paralyzed and theres no room for him to get out because youre parked here..." she says. I proceeded to look around me, only to see that there were SEVERAL open spots next to her, and that she WANTED me to move?! "You're not even handicapped..." she begins to tell me. "OH GOSH DARNIT, YOU FOUND ME OUT! GUESS I BETTER MOVE BEFORE YOU CALL THE COPS ON ME," I thought to myself-only to tell her about my congenital bone disease, that I have a legitimate sticker to allow me to park there, and if she had x-ray vision she would've seen the hardware holding me in place. BUT being the Christ-like person that I am, I moved my car. Only to feel EXTREMELY hateful and utter disdain for that woman, wanting to go back out to her car and tell her how I really feel...but there was sunshine in my soul that day, so I decided to wish her and her paralyzed spouse all the best.

Halloween Trick-or-Treaters

I love Halloween! The decorating, dressing up and throwing my annual Halloween-Costume Bunko party every year! But the one thing that upsets me is the fact that some people think its completely okay, to trick-or-treat over the age of 16! I was lucky this year that I was gone the entire night, but seriously though-for high school age kids to come to your door, not even in costume, with a pillow case wanting a hand out...there was NO WAY I would've attempted that back in high school! The other thing is when a house has turned off all their lights-obviously indicating that they weren't "participating" or have run out of the good stuff altogether, but that people STILL go up and knock on the door and ring the doorbell several times and not catching on...give me a freaking break!! ITS A RULE!! And if its not..its somehow managed to carry on throughout time.


For those of you that haven't watched this on the Food Network, you're missing out! I'm not going to go into the details, but this week they decided to eliminate MY FAVORITE competitor, one who I was certain would be THE NEXT IRON CHEF, but when they chose him to leave the competition, I hit the roof! I am still mad just thinking about it...I probably won't continue watching the show anymore because of it. COMPLETELY RUINED MY WEEK! THANKS FOOD NETWORK! After one who has devoted his precious time to a reality show, only to be given the shaft halfway through is aggravating!!

Hope you all feel as frustrated as I did this past week...

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ned and kim said...

Poor, Shay! I'm sorry it's been a rough week. Cheer up, friend!!!