Dollars for Ducks!

Quack, Quack ladies and gents!

Just wanted to let you all know that I recently became a volunteer at the Make-A-Wish foundation of Utah! In case you don't know, they are a wonderful charity organization, dedicated to granting wishes for children with life threatening illnesses. One of their fundraising events, the Ducky Derby, will be held in August!

This is a SHOUT OUT to everyone reading this, I would love it if you could purchase a $5 rubber ducky through me, or buy 6 ducks for $25, and you can enter it for a chance to win a car!! Not a toy car, a REAL car from Mark Miller Toyota!

The event will be held at the Lindon Aquatic Center, and we will race the ducks down their lazy river, and it will be tons of fun! I will post more information as it becomes available, as well as a link to a website where you can purchase your rubber ducks, through me! For every 25 ducks sold, I get one donated in my name, to enter the race! That is a STEAL OF A DEAL!

I would love to have everyone take the opportunity to donate to this wonderful cause, and granting a child's dream to come true!

(Mine too, if my duck wins the car! LOL)

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