Day 12 Some THINGS You Are OCD About..

Ok so for some reason, my pictures didnt turn out, so I had to change the title of this particular post (at least until I can figure out how to get the pictures to load correctly.)

First of all, just THINKING about WHAT to write, is making me have anxiety. LOL. Hopefully you wont feel that way afterwards.

No matter how HARD I try, I cannot seem to STOP biting my nails. I have done it since childhood, and have always told myself that I need to quit! I consider it my "tobacco." You'd think they would've developed a patch of some kind for the nail-biters out there..if they did, I would have my entire body covered in them!

I have to have my hair colored at LEAST every two weeks. As soon as I notice the color fading, I immediately schedule an appointment.

I cannot wear socks that have holes in them, nor am I able to continue wearing my socks if I happen to step in water of any kind..I DESPISE WET SOCKS!!

I constantly use lip balm for my lips. There is nothing worse than a woman seeing a guy with chapped lips-ESPECIALLY ME! If my lips are even the slightest dry, I am on a mission to find my lip balm right away! Cannot stand chapped lips.

If we ever happen to go see a movie together in the theaters, and you TALK during the movie...dont be offended if I "SHUSH" you. There is nothing worse than people talking during a movie that you paid $8.50 for. If you wanted to talk, why did you accept my invitation to go see a movie?! Please let me know if you feel the same way, just so I know that I'm not a complete and total jerk. Thanks.

I can only have soup on a COLD day. No soups when the temperature is above 60 degrees.

I cannot stand it when someone will send me a text message, and after I send a reply, they decide NOT to reply. This is RIGHT up there with TALKING during at the movies..so if you want to text me, expect to text until we consider the conversation finished.


RaeLynn said...

Those are great things to be OCD about. I'm tempted to make a list myself...because it sounds fun to me.

$Ice$Man said...

Do it RaeLynn!! I would LOVE to see your list!!!