Day 14 A Song That Makes YOU Cry..

If you know me..you know that I wear my heart on my sleeve, (Others however, may suggest otherwise...) and I like to think that I am 'in-touch" with my emotions. I've been one to cry out of nowhere, either out of complete gratitude, appreciation, love, heartache, or just because!

One thing that ALWAYS gets the water works flowing is, Josh Groban's song, "Remember When It Rained." The first time I was introduced to this song, I immediately became emotionally attached. There is NEVER a moment that goes by, that I dont get teary eyed. I LOVE this song because of how emotional it makes me feel. Just take a minute and listen to the lyrics, and I bet towards the end, you too will be reaching for the kleenex. One of these days, I will be able to see it performed LIVE!

Tears for YOU that will NOT die..In the Water I REMAIN..Running down...Running down..

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Emily and Dylan said...

I too love this song, it was actually the first Josh Groban song I liked & made me a fan. I saw him in concert in Vegas with my mom (she is a total "Grobanite") like 4 years ago. It was awesome!