I'm starting to think I am keeping this blog just for my own sanity, and benefit. Its starting to seem more and more like a journal to me, which I've grown up with, and I've made sure to write whenever I was inspired, or when I didn't want to forget a special memory, a specific instance in my life, that I could always look back on and smile.

I hope you're not reading this to be inspired lol, because I haven't been much of an inspiration to myself lately. I've always been meaning to make a change, but right now I think I'm stuck in a 'comfort zone' of some sort, and cant seem to get out of it. I've compiled a list below of HAPPY and UNHAPPY things going on, in my life right now. Hoping that it'll make me think harder about changing the things I am able to change, and ultimately move on to a better place. I don't like others feeling sorry for me, and so before this starts to become one of those posts, I will just cut to the chase...


1. My neices and nephew

2. My family
We have our moments, but I really love the time we spend together and the laughs and memories we share!!

3. My dogs

4. My friends
(who continue to inspire me to become a better person!)

5. Being LDS


1. My relationship with God.

2. My job

3. My struggle to get somewhere in life

4. Dating-or lack thereof

5. Knowing that Im in a comfort zone, and cant seem to GET OUT!

You'd think if you were able to recognize those things that are making you unhappy, you'd be able to FIX THEM! Right?? Well I don't know how well that works for everyone else, because I've known for awhile now about the unhappy things above, and can't seem to figure out how to make any changes. I think my mind just likes to recognize them, and then immediately put them on the back burner and deal with them later...only later never comes around...but when it does, out of the blue-it goes RIGHT back to the back of my mind where it has been for the passed 6 months.

Clearly I'm at a loss with myself.


Aaron Ludwig said...

Sorry bro. Try not to get overwhelmed-- maybe just work on one thing at a time?
I do know this (and it sounds like you do too): nothing will get better if you don't try to do something about it.
Love ya!

Aaron Ludwig said...

Oh, and maybe try working on #1 on the unhappy list first. That tends to help with everything else, believe me. It's something we should always be working on.

Emily and Dylan said...

I completely understand & feel for ya! I kinda feel like I am stuck in a rut but don't know if I have enough control over the things that make me unhappy to be able to change them.

Hang in there!