New Passion

Recently I have come to realize that I have an EXTREME passion for gaming! No not video gaming, although it is one of my favorite past times depending on the game (PixelJunk Monsters!!) BUT I am talking about board games!!

Ever since my younger brother Aaron, aka The Rabid Milkman, received Settlers of Cataan 4th edition for Christmas 2005, I've grown to love strategy games! Granted it took me awhile to figure out the games mechanics to actually win, I really enjoy the intense competition thats involved and the concept of earning points through trading with other players, expanding your settlements/cities, and acquiring points through each action.

I'm not here to write a review for Settlers, but just wanting to share where my passion began, and has evolved since then!


Another farming-type strategy game, somewhat similar in dynamic to Settlers, but with a lot more components. Didn't hit off so well with my brother and his wife, but I intend to continue to play it otherwise, and enjoy every minute of it!

From there I purchased a strategy card game...


seek to build a collection of districts worth from one to eight points. Once someone has built eight districts, the game is over after that round ends, and the player with the highest total value wins. However, to facilitate the process (and make the game interesting), players sequentially choose a character from a rapidly dwindling pool of eight each turn. The characters give players special abilities for the turn. Very fun and exciting to play!

With this growing enjoyment for games, I became a member of BoardGameGeek and have been following a few of the games that have peeked my interest. One of those being,

Merchants and Marauders.

Its a pirate-themed game, where you live the life of an influential merchant or a dreaded pirate in the Caribbean. Seek your fortune through trade, rumor hunting, missions, and of course, plundering. The game features a unique trade system and a thematic combat system, allowing for critical decisions and intense excitement. Modify your ship, buy impressive vessels, load deadly special ammunition and hire specialist crew members. Who doesn't love a pirate game? I currently own Pirates Cove, so when I read the review for M&M on BGG, I had to add it to my growing collection! I still have yet to actually play the game-just because my "gaming group" so to speak is quite limited-but I hopefully intend to do so this weekend.
This also gives me an excuse to break out my Jack Sparrow costume lol.

The most recent games I've been reviewing are



(another reason to come dressed up as a stealthy ninja!)


I am just in complete amazement with all the gamers out there who have collected a ton of these types of games and built a gaming empire!! I am no where near compiling a gaming blog, but would like to eventually, just to introduce the recent games I have come to grow and love playing! However, my fan base, I'm afraid, isn't one inclusive of hardcore gamers. I hope to find a group of individuals that can get together at least once a month to try out a few of these games with me!! If youre interested, PLEASE APPLY! Lol.

I am most likely screaming "GEEK" right now with this most recent post, but call it what you may, but youre missing out!

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