First DAY of Culinary School..or rather the 'Estranged Brother' of Culinary Schools

Today was the first day of classes for me..


After all the "talk" I've done the last few years about going into culinary school, today I officially was able to start! I dont know WHY it took me SO LONG to go back..but I'm glad that I was able to pull myself out of the 'slump', and get back to finishing my degree! I decided to go to SLCC and get my Associates of Applied Science, and afterwards transfer over to Utah Valley University for my Bachelors in Hospitality, with an emphasis in Culinary Arts.

I was so nervous the night before! Worried if the other students in the class would have way more experience than me, being asked what I do for a living (aka nothing), or if I had professional experience in the kitchen. So those thoughts gave me a night of tossing and turning...(oh and the thought of learning from Utah's OWN version of Bravo TV's host and judge of TOP CHEF, Padma Lakshmi..)

Boy was I EVER WRONG!!

As I entered the classroom, lets just say it was somewhat of a 'culture shock'. I was expecting potential chefs like I've watched on Top Chef, or even the Food Network. Instead, lets just say they looked like they never graduated High School. Is this what going to a 'Community College' is all about? I dont remember ANYONE like that while I was attending the University of Utah. So I was completely beside myself with disappointment!

Don't get me wrong, I wasnt expecting fashion models, or Giada de Leurentis look-alikes...


I was just hoping for a more prestigious atmosphere I suppose. But clearly it wont be like that at all. So much for 'TOP CHEF', more like 'REJECT CHEF'. I can already imagine I am in for a VERY LONG semester!

I am excited though to learn how to make meringues and macaroons!! Just not in the same group as the girl who came up to me and said, "I've NEVER baked before...have you?"

OH BOY! (and not in a good way)


Emily and Dylan said...

This way you'll quickly rise to the top! Once you've mastered the macaroons, you can drop a few dozen off to me! :)

Aaron Ludwig said...

Gotta start somewhere bro! Just be grateful that you're so far ahead.
Me and Mary are WAY proud of you, btw.