Ready For Some "Soaring Tumbling, Free Wheeling?" Well Go Look Somewhere Else, I Don't Do Manual Labor..

Funny that I still remember a particular magically delicious tale about a diamond in the rough, showing us a world...shining, shimmering, splendid?

While sitting on a musty, dirty carpet no less...hhmm

I have finally submerged my body and soul into the BLOG world. No this has nothing to do with the first few lines about a shimmering world on the back of a flying carpet; sorry to dissapoint but I had to catch your attention didn't I? (If you are reading thus far, looks like it worked) You can expect to find witty, and not so witty writings of this SOB, so by all means put me on yer friends list: STALK ME, RAPE ME, CHOKE ME, LOVE ME!

Keep coming back for seconds, theres always room for more!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Nice start... but loose the pedofile picture :)