Prepare For Trouble...Make It A Double!

I'm on the road, on the road...

I've built a team, and been training all day long. I'm on the road, and I've been getting strong. Heres the plan I'm gonna head down to the forest...time to collect, some POKEMON!

So I've pretty much been MIA since the end of summer, otherwise known as the end of life as I knew it. Summer has always been a time for me to soak in the sun and revive those dead personality cells within this wholesome, pure, white body of mine. I have always considered getting back into the game called BLOGGING, but never thought there was a point. Until a good friend of mine said, pretty much WTF whats up with the absenteeism?

I've always been a good boy at making sure I'm never tardy or absent, except maybe from those service projects (another name I like to call manual labor) at the Red Butte Gardens or Wasatch Community Gardens, fastening together my homegrown compost from my own feces, and having the nickname Runner Bean, ahh good times!

So the 411 on my life thus far, still has been somewhat un-eventful, except for 4 main happenings as follows:

1. Going to the American Idol Concert and Seeing Blake Lewis-IN THE BEATBOXING FLESH (see blog about the concert waaaaaay below) My very best friend Deanis Priscilla Rogers, was kind enough to accompany me to the event, and sit through bad renditions of her idol, Bono...er..was it Bon Jovi?? Well she took these GREAT pics of the man himself...the first pic hes acknowledging me trying to jump up on stage while being taken away by security.

2. Ending a 5 years streak without a car of my own and bumming rides from all my friends from here to Iowa (LOVE YOU Dean, and MEL P) and finally purchasing a 2003 Toyota Corolla LE

3. Balling my eyes out as I witnessed my younger brother, age 23, getting married to one of the most wonderful, sweet, beautiful, spunky MANTI grown girl I have had the pleasure of calling my "DAUGHTER-IN-LAW" (long story haha)

4. After living 26 years of a good life thus far, making a HUGE life changing choice to get an eye-exam, which ultimately resulted in fastening on a pair of glasses after 26 years of believing I had the best eyesight around. Apparently the cornea in my right eye is shaped like a football, otherwise called a "stigmatism" and using my left eye to pretty much see everything from here to CHINA, (which I've still never been too, but now I can finally experience life to its fullest!)

That sums up the past few months and the important happenings as to WHY exactly I have been absent from the blog-bidness. I am working on taking the Postal Exam to go Career and receive GREAT BENEFITS, and MORE MONEY! But I have told myself that my life will not be one of a postal worker, licking stamps, and sorting letters to Santa. I still plan on finishing the Bachelors Degree I started at the University of Utah and living life as it happens.

To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love, To Extend My Reach To The Stars Above...

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RaeLynn said...

ahahaha! Glad to have your wittiness back!