Shay's SO SHAY-MLESS 101

For starters the 2 main reasons that are listed below, which seem to have ranked me in the 'SHAY'MLESS category...

  • I have told myself ever since the dairy air shots in the magazines, the random hook ups in hot tubs with college guys, hitting up every single bar from Vegas to Miami, the shots of her driving while the kiddies were not in their car seats, and the frequent hit and runs..(ok so you know the American Dream I am speaking of, Ms. Britney Spears-Federline herself) that I wouldn't support her any longer....but I just purchased her latest CD album entitled BLACKOUT...and I admit I'm addicted!
  • Recently I threw a Halloween party this past weekend, and the main event for the night was BUNKO! (If you have never played it before, let me know and I will make sure to invite you to the next one) I'd also like to mention that I purchased the prizes that would be ultimately be given away that night. I'm such a nice friend right? Wrong! So as the night went on I wasn't doing very well at all...I was on my way to winning the LOSER prize. As it came time for the last round, I rolled 2 whole bunkos in a row!! Putting me at a total of 6 Bunkos for the night, not bad right? So as a result, the scores were counted and to my dismay I ended up winning the BUNKO prize, a Movie Theater Popcorn Gift Basket full of candy, popcorn and 2 passes to Jordan Commons. I was pretty stunned that I started off so terribly, but ended up winning the big prize at the end. Come to find out, my cousin, who was in 2nd place for most Bunkos tells me "I like it how you plan this party, and end up winning your own prizes that you bought" HEY! Its not my fault that I have the midas touch when it comes to rolling the dice!

If I left out any particular instance, where I was LAME whilst in your presence, by all means, feel free to comment on it. I will make sure to add it to the next list that I am sure will be right around the corner.


RaeLynn said...

How could you do it? Britney Spears????? Yeah--sorry, but that gets one "lame" vote from me. Don't worry--we can still be friends, as long as you know that buying that CD was a bad decision. :)

Jessica said...

Britney? Really? Oh Shay... And in regards to your comment on my post, something tells me Gina doesn't even know who Ozzy is. Faux, wanna be rock stars generally don't flock to real rock concerts.