This Week IN RAGE!

So like most of my friends, they have dedicated certain moments in their lives to vent, complain, and scream about those special events in their lives, which always have brought a smile to my face. No not because I enjoy the pain and agony of others, but because they're the most hilarious moments in anyones life, mine too. As such, I have decided to try to dedicate a post a week to those same type of moments called "This Week In Rage." Hope it brings a smile to your face and makes you rejoice that your life isn't as bad as mine...(can I get a witness?)

This Week In Rage

I recently was invited to take a trip to Maize, Kansas to celebrate the marriage of my cousin to the man of her dreams. I wasn't planning on attending, mostly because I didn't have enough money to spend on the trip. But my OTHER cousin Laura, showed up at my house last week and begged me to jump on the soul train headed for Kansas. Despite the fact that there is absolutely NOTHING to do in Kansas, let alone the DRIVE OUT THERE there is NOTHING PERIOD. But I was wanting to get away, and so I couldn't resist. So this week in Rage has got to be the 36 hours I spent in the backseat, driving to AND from Kansas. I could NOT wait to get out of the car at the dirty gas stations just to stretch my legs, only to regret that we had a long ways to go.

In the end I did enjoy the entire trip alone. I love being around my family and especially hanging out with the Baptist Community in Maize, Kansas.



Jessica said...

Lets never consider any road trip that involves
A) 36 hours of driving
B) Kansas


Jessica said...

New "Week in Rage" please!