Bips BUCKET List

Ahh the beauty and bliss of a life well lived and well deserved. I was looking over my list of things to do before i die and decided to share them with YOU, my beloved audience.

Catch a Punch
As someone takes a swing at me, I just want to be able to catch it, twist their arm backwards, and hear them scream in agony!

Roll A Car
Survive and come away unscathed.

Pull a Fake Mustache Off A Guy At A Dinner Party and yell "AHA!"

Urinate on A Jellyfish Sting

Hop into a Cab and Yell "FOLLOW THAT CAR!"

Drag my hand backwards down a Woman's Cheek While Saying
"What A Shame"

Direct a Movie called AWESOME So I Can Be Referred To As
The AWESOME Director

Cauterize a war wound with gunpowder

Fend off a Bear with a torch, as he goes up on his hind legs, I grab a torch from the fire and shake it back and forth while yelling

Make love endlessly all during some natural disaster

Interrogate a criminal in a dark room, and take the bright light from above and shine it directly onto their face and say "Were Onto You!"

Be the only survivor on a deserted island and write SOS in the sand
while waiting for rescue.

Continue to rack my insanity and come up with more ideas to act out
before I die.


Kevin and Robin said...

You'll never cease to surprise me with the things that you want to do and the things you write. You're shouldn't be director, you should be a script writer! You're good!! You're a good man, my friend!

Jessica said...

Well, that was officially the WEIRDEST to do list I have ever read hahaha. I hope that all works out for you... I think :)