This Week EN-RAGE!

I know it has been awhile since my last "This week en-RAGE" post, but there have been a few things that have annoyed me this past week. Thus I have to let it all out somehow, otherwise I may just do something more drastic to release the frustration. Don't worry, you won't be seeing me on Fox 13 for robbing a bank or a Sev' (sorry to disappoint, but Bips not packing heat)

#1. American Idol Season 8

I haven't been on my best behavior, as far as this season of
Idol is concerned. Most of you have known me for being quite the fanatic when it comes to the best show on television (or at least it USED TO BE) But I quit watching after the first week, it was just TOO much. They just added so many "new" things this season, new judge (annoying as crap, and she tries too hard to impress), a Top 36 instead of 24...(cant imagine watching 36 compete for 12 spots..and then we still have 12 more to go.) Its like they're trying to draaaaaaaaaaaaaaag it out longer than usual, and they're clearly doing a great job at it too.

If you're like me and want to jump ahead a whole week and see who makes the TOP 36, visit the website below and you can take a glance at the future hopefuls-I am just relieved that I have been saved from prying my eyes out with a spoon, while enduring another week of painful auditions (not that I've been glued to the past couple weeks or anything). Maybe in 2 weeks I will feel like tuning in and actually caring to cast my vote...

But sadly I'm not betting on it.


Now that I look at it I may not be so "en-raged" as I thought I was in the beginning. After all, I was able to take a peek into the future, and overall saved my life entirely. PRAISE THE LORD!


Wendy said...

Seriously, it is sooooo lame now!! I was really into it the first few seasons but it's just annoying now!!

Jessica said...

Oh I'm sure you'll find someone to be excited about haha. P.S. that very pixlated picture of me needs to GO!