Shopping With Idols, My BlaKE-DC LIST!

Cara you said you wanted to know what it was like shopping with me right?? Well here goes!

You may recall my banter a few posts back where I vowed not to dedicate my energy, thoughts, or time to, Idolatry Season 8 Reflections, but once I took the chance and tuned in to watch the Top 36, I caved, and was immediately hooked!! So I lit up my Idol pipe once again.


(i was thinking Bob Marley)

Despite all the new rules, new judge, hate the new judge, hate the new rules-I have already predicted my choices for the finale! But more on that later.

In a season where I've felt cynical, enraged, and disengaged from-one of my most favorite television shows (thanks to Blake Lewis for converting me back onto the Idol train), I'd say that seven (maybe even eight) of the 13 finalists stepped up with performances that proved, as Randy Jackson put it, that they're ''in it to win it.''

Especially since as far back as I can recall, the official "MJ Collaboration week" reminded me of a bad karaoke bar (thank you to Jorge and Anoop for keeping the flame alive!)

As bad as it was, luckily none of the top 13 sent me to bed with nightmares of a barrel-racing beauty queen as Kristy Lee Cook did in the opening week of the finals last year, with her countrified ''Eight Days a Week." YEEEEEEEE-HAWW!!

Now Allison,one of my top 5 predictions, isn't your typical Idol beauty queen, (thankfully) It's refreshing to see a teenage female contestant on this show who hasn't already been media-trained into soundbite-spewing submission. For the record, just because Allison's dad is from El Salvador and speaks with an accent doesn't mean we require subtitles to understand what he's saying.

But for Jorge that is a different story...one that I will not get into because he went home tonight.


Another top 5 and on the Blake Lewis, David Cook list...ladies and gentelman I give you


I thought his take on ''Remember the Time'' was one of the night's strongest and most relevant performances!! I was seriously ready to shell out the 99 cents to buy the song on iTunes, and spare the additional 50 cents for the video! Im not much of an avid MJ fanatic, but Kris' rendition made me a believer! I hope he continues to go far in the competition-hand in hand with his wife (doubt that will deter the girls from casting their votes for him)

Megan Corkrey

As much as I want to root for a Utah-grown resident, no amount of quirky dancing will get her into the finals...but I do find her voice seducing me (much like my Nelly
Furtado did.) sigh. Hopefully she gets passed the top 10, just so I can continue my 2 year streak attending the Idol concert at Energy Solutions Arena.

We interrupt this paragraph for a very important HOT MOM ALERT. Megan's mom?

Matt Giraud

Again with the Justin Timberlake seal of approval, they tainted Justin's good name when reference to Chris "LAWN GNOME" Richardson from Season 6-so why do they have to do it again this year?!!!! No one can compare to JT! Matt will go far no doubt, but don't know if he has as much as it takes to break through the top 5.

Adam Lambert

Aside from studying his hairstyle, he too has made it into Blake Lewis, DC list...and one I believe will be in the finale for sure!! His vocal range is like no other! Some may think it is screeching, or sounding like a dolphin in heat-but its DIFFERENT! Lets face it, America digs different! I am still contemplating whether or not to buy his guyliner...I will keep you posted

Danny Goecke

I know I will probably be stoned in time square for saying this but unfortunately, I'm less prepared to give Danny an automatic pass to the finals, as Paula prematurely predicted. He does have a tender, heart wrenching story behind him, but so do the single moms-Megan, Lil' and Alexis...so get in line buddy and continue to pull at Americas heart strings. (Obviously his voice will put him in the finals), and if by some natural disaster, he gets the boot-I am POSITIVE the judges will use their powers to make sure he is safe...least you have that to look forward too Dan.

I still find myself remembering the tragic event that happened last year when Aussie-pro tennis playa' matey Micheal Johns got kicked off the stage, still brings a smile to my face-at least all of his fans can feel vindicated as his single comes out next month.

Track 1 entitled: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

How ironic.

Which brings me to the five contestants most deserving of winding up in the bottom three next week: Michael Sarver, Scott MacIntyre, Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds


Jessica said...

Haha I told my mom as soon as I saw Adam that you would want his hair this year

Melissa said...

I think you should definitely reach for new heights w/ your hair, Bip. Go ADAM on yourself! You could definitely pull it off.