Hell Week

Studio Fifty-Seven. "Fifty-seven."
Kara spews her nonsense till I start to freak.
Then it's Randy's turn to lob a lame critique.
And yet still I live for Idol all damn week.

Five-four. She meant Studio five-four.
But the new judge, once again she did misspeak.
And now Simon's calling Allison a freak.
And yet still I live for Idol all damn week.

Oh I love to hear Kris Allen
'Cause Kris Allen never shrieks
But the judges never give him props
Their praise remains oblique

Now let's say goodbye to Megan
She has got a hot physique
And she's giving us one last 'caw-caw'
Although she has no beak

Group singing!
Time for a quick shnack-y break
I'd kill for some cake
Is this singing fake?

Haha. Lady Gaga.
Has a zipper on her eye, my interest's piqued!
When did Paula learn about singing technique?
This is why I live for Idol all damn week.

written by Micheal Slezak, www.ew.com

Ok, so I happened to stumble upon this lil rap off of the Entertainment Weekly website- it definitely described my feelings from Idol this past week. So why not give the guy some credit, and post it on my popular, uber-fan flowing blog? Hence you've feasted on the word!

Enough Idol-atry...>ahem<

Ok onto the week which was hell for me..

Sunday evening as I was enjoying a late night catch up on the DVR, (really enjoyed Dennis Rodman in a chauffeur outfit on Celeb Apprentice, my new favorite reality show) and then I felt IT!

A toothache!

One I have not felt for 7 years! I think that's got to be a record! At least it is for me..I have thought I had been immune to feeling such annoyance for the remainder of my days-yeahhh not quite. Once I got myself back onto the rough, turf that is reality, I called and made an appointment to take care of said annoyance.

I like to consider myself...IN TOUCH..with the ethereal forces of nature, cosmic forces, stars allignment yadddah yaddah and had the smallest thought that this was not just any normal toothache, but that it would require a root canal! Mind you this thought came to me waaaaaaay before I saw the dentist-but to make a blog post short, sure enough the words, "How do you feel about a root canal," shattered my already fragile soul.

What was I suppose to say? "Oh ya know, I LOVE root canals!!"

But of course, my luck, they had to refer me to ANOTHER dentist office for the procedure.

Finally 2 dismal days later, I enter the Rocky Mountain Endodontic office. As I entered suite 109 I seriously thought I had traveled back in time to some bad country western. The only thing missing was the musk and smell of cattle and a wide open range. As I was expecting John Wayne himself, to come walking up to me, completely in dental gear-I realized what I'd been missing the past 7 years of good dental health. Damn. Below are a few recollections of that very afternoon, before AND after the nitrus gas.


  • Being told that I was lucky because I had "chosen" the RIGHT tooth that would be easier to work on than the others. "Ya know I tried my best."
  • Sitting there, staring out the window, contemplating what would be worse-the fall after I had leaped out said window, or the root canal. hhhmmm.
  • Having the dentist relate to me the difference between sitting in first class or coach, (in regards to choosing nitrus gas over 'versed' and the initial bill to come afterwards.)

  • As I had decided to go with the nitrus, my mind was still completely in-tack, as the rest of my body felt like it had taken that JUMP out the window.
  • Wrestiling with my mind NOT to say anything completely out of the ordinary or busting out into some Nsync lyrics.
  • Being told throughout the procedure "Are you doing okay?" What did they expect me to say while I was breathing in intense amounts of nitrus??? Was this their way of trying to initiate some sort of comedy routine for their pleasure?
  • Still wishing I had followed the rest of my body, and jumped out that window
  • Attempting to drive home while still feeling the effects of the gas, and numbed out of my mind!!
  • Getting home and supposedly texting while under the influence (hence the text asking Jess if we had lunch that same afternoon, which we had, but I had forgotten about...)
Now I am sitting here, with a swollen cheek and going in and out of country-western-dental-flashes from that afternoon. I am not out of the woods yet. I still have yet to go in and get a crown over the tooth.

So for the next 2 weeks I have to watch what I eat, so as to not cause any sort of fracture or break in the remaining tooth. Can you feel my excitement? Somehow my telepathic abilities are telling me this is only the beginning...

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