Day 3: 20 FAVORITE Things!

Here is a list of my 20 FAVORITE things!

Items listed below are subject to change without notice.

#1. My NEICES!! I may be a bit biased, but pretty sure they are the cutest little girls to walk the face of the earth!! I love spending time with them!!

#2. Sonic Cherry Limeades!! I seemed to have quit COKE and Full Throttle energy drinks, only to now enjoy the wonderful sensation from Sonic Drive-In. Happy Hour is the DEVIL!! I dont see how I am going to be able to quit now!! MUST HAVE "EASY ICE, and EXTRA CHERRY SYRUP" otherwise it will JUST taste like plain nasty Sprite...trust me, Im addicted so I KNOW!

#3. My PURPLE Nikes!! I saw these at Foot Locker and HAD to buy them! I have been getting crap from people asking me, "Are you a supporter of Kobe Bryant? Youre wearing his shoes.." No I am not a supporter, NOR am I a FAN of KB..despite the fact that they have his "signature" on them, I liked the color and how they stand out!

(Yes those are my actual legs and feet modeling the shoes..)

#4. I could just say REALITY TV..which I CAN'T get enough of, and will probably be stoned in the town square for some of the stuff I am addicted too, but I HAD to post a few of my favorites here for you to see HOW bad it is! LOL

(I was skeptical about this new season with 2 completely new judges, and NO SIMON. But after watching Hollywood Week..I think I might be in it for the long haul. We'll see if I find a fav out of the contestants.)

#5. THUNDERSTORMS!! Yeah I had to steal this one from my friend Jessica..but its TOO good to pass up!! ESPECIALLY in the anticipation of spring!!

#6. ANGRY BIRDS!! I never thought I would be obsessed with an iPhone app..UNTIL this! If you haven't tried it out yet..then I dont know what to tell you other than, GET IT!!

#7. My 2003 Spyder Eclipse! I love having the top down during the warm weather while driving, there is nothing else that can compare to the overwhelming bliss you can find as the air is blowing on your face and the sun shining above! I never thought I would be so lucky!

#8. Hair COLOR!! You probably didnt see this one coming, but I somehow have managed to change the color of my hair at least every 2-4 weeks..(sometimes less depending on my mood lol)

#9. EXPRESS clothes!! I have never shopped at only ONE place for clothes, until I found Express! Their graphic tees are unique and different, and not to mention I love their skinny jeans!!

#10. BAKING!! After years of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I found my passion for food and sharing it along with friends and family! Nothing brings a group of people together better than food! ESPECIALLY sweets!! I am anticipating entering Culinary school this next fall in hopes of expanding my knowledge and technique!

Halloween Spread 2010

#11. The Ocean! I havent been to the beach in a LONG time, but my heart longs to go back and feel the sand beneath my feet, and hear the sound of the rushing waves gliding along the shore. The picture below just makes you jealous!! I hope to go back sometime soon!!

12. Photography. I currently own a Nikon d3300, which is an amazing digital camera, however, I need to get out more and learn how to use it. I love photos, especially when I can be in them!! Lol

13. My iPhone!! I dont know how I have survived this far without a smartphone. It does EVERYTHING!! Granted I have issues with some of the "built in" sounds, but I cant complain too much. Being able to have easy access to almost anything is awesome! I can only hope that one day I will be able to own an iPad next!!

14. My Family!! We've been through a lot together, but through thick and thin we still manage to have many great times together!! I cant imagine having another!

My brother's wedding 2007 (yeah its old..but this is as close to a family photo we have so far lol)

15. 'Dem Pups! I absolutely LOVE small dogs! I have a preference towards pomeranians, and what can I say, I wouldnt trade them for any other pet!! They bring me so much comfort and love whenever I'm having a bad day! I love dem pups!

Unfortunately my dog, Mecee (on the far right) is no longer with us, but I wont ever forget the good times we shared together!!

16. MOVIES!! I have over 10 favorite movies alone! I get so enthralled with the plot lines, and emotionally invested in certain characters that I sometimes find myself crying during some particular films. I also am a sucker for chick flicks...mostly adaptations of novels by Jane Austen or period films. I dont know why, but I love shedding a tear over a movie! Call me crazy, but the ladies love an emotional man right?? Maybe thats why Im still single? Lol

17. Chocolate! I am a CHOCO-HOLIC! I cant pass up anything containing my infamous drug! I usually have chocolate for breakfast, lunch and ESPECIALLY dinner! (Not really, but I would LOL!)

18. The LDS Temple! I confess my recommend has officially expired, and I have yet to get it renewed, but I cant forget the amazing feeling I feel when I enter its doors! My wish is still to visit all the temples in the country, and I still have yet to conquer that goal, but hopefully I will be able too one day.

19. SUSHI!! I LOVE SUSHI! I cant say it enough! I realize most of the favorite things I've listed are mostly some type of food, lol but I can't say it enough!! I love everything about the Asian culture and hope to be able to visit the country and try the real stuff!!

20. Board Games! Any chance I get, I look for an opportunity to play a board game with people! I even find myself BEGGING them to play! I dont consider myself a competitive person, at least not until I break out a board game then ITS ON!!


Jessica said...

Love the list Bipper!

Jenny said...

Yay! Glad to see you're doing the 30 day challenge too. Great list. I miss those little football shaped dogs.

RaeLynn said...

Ok, we MUST talk about this culinary school thing...where are you going to go? Don't forget our story, Shay...let's chat :) We'll try to point you in the right direction.