30 DAY Blog Challenge! Day 1 Favorite Songs

My good friend Jess and her sis and bro-in-law, started this 30 day blog challenge in an attempt to get them in the habit of writing more frequently. Jess told me that I should also get involved! So the first day was to name your FAVORITE SONG!

Being an avid lover of all things musical..(maybe songs that some may not even consider music) I enjoy listening anytime I can while driving, cleaning or while working on the computer. I go through moods most of the time, where I prefer particular genres over others. But mostly I find myself coming back to a song I havent heard in a LONG time, and still recalling the first time I heard it, and the memories. I will also look for ANY REASON to compile a mix of random songs for Jess, just to see her reactions haha.

Its hard to only pick JUST ONE favorite, so I listed my top 10 below! Hope you find this enjoyable, and who knows, maybe it will inspire you!

#1 Poker Face - Lady GaGa: Yeah I know, predictable right? Well if ONLY you knew the story behind my infatuation with this song, and NO its not the racy music video. I was having a root canal and was gassed up, and this music video was playing on the small tv next to my chair. How could I NOT watch it? I wasnt exactly in control of my mind at the time. Before this, I despised everything LG would come out with. But once I saw her performace of this song on IDOL season 7, and then again at the dentist office-I became a fan, and cant bring myself to press SKIP on the cd player when it comes on! Call me crazy, but I really want this song played at my wedding! LOL

#2 Born To Make You Happy - Britney Spears: This song holds a special place in my heart, and not because it was BEFORE Britney turned insane, shaved her head, and had a complete meltdown and a comeback within a year of eachother. Everytime I hear this song, it definitely takes me back to 1999 after graduating High School. I was a couple months away from going into the mission field, and I was not looking forward to not being in touch with the rest of the world. It was the first song that made me a FAN! And YES I know every dance step to the music video haha.

#3 Bye, Bye, Bye - Nsync: Oh GREAT another POP song..yeah so I am obsessed with POP music, but its definitely defined me as who I am today! I am a HUGE FAN of Justin Timberlake! But I didnt become a fan of the hit boy band of the late 90's until my senior year in High School. Bye, Bye, Bye was the hit single on their second album, that also happened to come out the DAY before I left on my mission..so you can imagine how overplayed it was by time the night was over. I also know the dance steps to this music video as well haha.

#4 Remember When It Rained - Josh Groban: I was introduced to this song by my good friend, Jessica Rogers. The moment she played it for me, I was instantly hooked! The lyrics touch me everytime I listen to it! I especially LOVE hearing the song when its raining outside!! I know it sounds cliche, but its one of my favorites that holds a special place in my heart! Thank you Jessica for introducing me to this classic and an amazing artist!!

#5 Somebody To Love - Justin Bieber: I never thought I would put this out there publicly, and I can only IMAGINE what youre thinking to yourself after reading this..but what can I say? I have the BIEBER FEVER!! I know he looks like a "girl" and embodies everything that conservative Mothers dont want their daughters to fall in love with, but the song itself has a good message and who doesnt love Usher?! I will also be playing this song at my wedding! Watch OUT! Haha

#6 Say It Right - Nelly Furtado: I wasnt a fan of the Nelly back when she was "Like A Bird." But once she collaborated with Timbaland, and Promiscuous came out, I had to jump on the Nelly bandwagon! The music video itself, embodies everything that I would imagine a hit song like this to include! Not to mention the rifts by Timbaland himself! Lol

#7 Forget You - Cee Lo Green: I know that the title of this song has been edited especially for radio, but who doesnt LOVE this song?! I definitely preferred the Glee version where Gwyneth Paltrow is singing the hit song, but the original is just as good!

#8 Burn It To The Ground - Nickelback: You probably wouldnt see me as a hard rock-post grunge type of a guy..but this song is one of my favorites Nickelback has come up with! Not that I am a patron of alcohol, but I have friends who do, and therefore must be aware of their surroundings and make sure theyre safe! Right? Lol

#9 Drive - The Cars: You may think this is random, but I will ALWAYS LOVE this song! Especially when I am on a road trip, this song will be included in the mix tape for the ride! I find it romantic in some ways, and only hope to share it with someone who can only appreciate the subtle, intimate, soft ballad!

#10 Teenage Dream - Glee version: You may not be as much of a fan of Glee as I am, but the remakes of hit songs they put together, I find, are WAY better than their original! Hence the remake of Katy Perry's, Teenage Dream! After hearing their rendition, I can't even bring myself to listen to the original, its just THAT good!

Hope you enjoyed my TOP 10 playlist! Feel free to let me know if you would like me to put together a mix tape for you, and I guarantee, you wont be disappointed!! Make sure you check back tomorrow when I tackle Day 2: Favorite Movie! It'll be a good one!


Jessica said...

SHUT UP! Ok, most those, I could totally see - they are Shay songs all the way, but "Drive" from the Cars?! That was the next song I was going to add to my list but I was too tired to finish. I LOVE that song - like am obsessed with that song! Oh bippers, you just scored so many points in my book. It ALMOST makes up for Beiber and Glee LOL

$iceman said...

Hahaha YES! Do you remember when I put that song on a mix cd for you? I STILL remember your reaction!! I LOVE IT!! Glad I managed to score some points where some of those songs listed possibly didnt come off so well lol