I Dedicate THIS To YOU..Skunk Doe!

So I have had pretty good luck when it pertains to disasters of any kind. Granted I am still trying to forget the unfortunate car wreck that I was apart of last August 2006, and frankly I was the one to blame for it all. I confess I was distracted while listening to Dido (who has been removed from the vehicle forever I must admit.)

But I have NEVER been so lucky as to commandeer my car to take the life of any animal or vermin..such as lets say...a skunk.


There was no Dido to blame, this time it was Blake Lewis, but I was not in any way, shape or form disabled or daydreaming (like I somehow tend to do more often than not.) I caught a glimpse of the creature scurrying across Bangerter Hwy (most likely to make it back to its family awaiting his/her return, which I still cannot get out of me head!!) and then THANKS TO ME....


I immediately gasped as I felt my car go up and over its NOW lifeless body....

I shut Blake Lewis up, and I was extremely sad, no not because I shut Blake up for the first time, but because I have never did anything so terrorist-like before. I know some of you reading this are scoffing and cannot believe I am in such pain and anguish over this vermin, but you're not the ones being reminded of the incident every time you enter and exit your vehicle!


Skunk doe (I refer to it as "doe" because I did not take the opportunity to pull over immediately after said accident to discover its gender, nor to pack it up to bring home to skin what was left of its remains and make some skunk jerky) left behind whats left of its mortal existence on the front right wheel of my car, an indescribable burnt toast fragrance; and I am forever to be reminded of its tragic removal from this life because I couldn't swerve like a Nascar pro race car driver.

I am hoping that by relating this tale as in a blog obituary, I will be able to sleep well and not be caused to dream of the situation over and over; while remaining WIDE awake until I finally decide to forget sleeping altogether and attempt to receive some sort of justification of my actions by watching Tyra, or Oprah (whichever is on when I give up on sleep.)

There has been a small fund set up in the name of Skunk Doe for all those interested in submitting some sort of currency to pay for the damages caused on this terrible Monday morning.

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Jessica said...

OH MY GOSH! That is so sad, I would be devistated. Poor little skunk doe... Today when I was driving in to work I got stuck behind some truck pulling a massive open trailer of DEAD DEER! It made me so sick! Someone probably has your skunk on a trailer right now :( At least you didn't do it with malicious intent.