How Say YOU America?! American Idol Review pt. 2

Another sad, sad day for 4 contestants, and also most of all the viewers! Yes, I am speaking about me! After tonights results, all I can say is that this show never seems to amaze me. Mostly because THE CONTESTANTS that SHOULD go home DO NOT!!


But those of you reading this are saying, "But Shay thats why its entertaining! We want to give a record contract to another Ruben Stoddard that will end up with a one-hit wonder and be featured on VH1's 100 Awesomely Worst Songs EVER!"


Ahh the lucky 4 that went home tonight.

Alaina Whitaker

I blame it on the blue dress! You can admit it was a major distraction. Its THE ONLY REASON I can still think of as to why she was sent home (and personally I don't own any dresses, nor plan on owning any in the future, sorry to disappoint) but I know what looks good on that body John Mayer calls a Wonderland. I was really sad to see her go, she was starting to be my favorite out of the girl scouts. Samoas anyone?

Robbie Carrico

Robbie, I blame it on the critique from the judges! They don't believe he is a rocker?? If someone says they're a rocker, then by all means they are what they eat right? I for one, tend to pass on the bowl of Van Halen flakes for breakfast every morning, but I thought his performance this week was MUCH better than last week and definitely not the reason to send him home. At least you have the Justin Timberlake image working for ya!

I can also admit that I am glad Luke pulled it through tonight, (could be because I voted for him last night..) but Orlando you need to pick better song choices otherwise your bow and arrow elf-skills wont save you from Middle Earth next week.

Jason Yaeger

FINALLY!! This was THE ONLY decision of the night that I actually agreed with. I didn't like him from the beginning. I know I'm cruel. Maybe it was because he was pulling the white stripe in his black mane that made me think he was copying Blake Lewis....HOW DARE HE!! Or probably because each week, his song choices reminded me of something that would be performed as the opening for a caribbean cruise. I'll look for you on the rebound on my next cruise Jason!

Alexandrea Lushington

Again never liked her...but it came down between her and my FAVORITE (choke me with a peace sign) Amanda Overmyer. I've realized that Amanda will always be in the bottom 2 and end up prevailing in her flame rippling chaps and bad hair. As much as I'd like to rant and stomp my midget legs over this fact, my crystal ball sees Amanda making it into the top 12 (look what happened last year between Hayley Scarnato "Legs," and Sabrina Sloan). Sorry Alexan-DREA, but at least you can go back to being the poster child for your daddys fire department. PEACE!

So according to the bracket sheet the score is 35 to 41, with Jess leading 41. I felt better knowing that we both banked on Amanda going home tonight, but we were denied ONCE AGAIN by the Idol police! Maybe the strategy is to not get our hopes up altogether and choose someone that is MUCH stronger vocally, because Elvira will triumph overall in the very end.

So I am going to put my life on the line and make my Top 12 prediction...are you ready?

Tune in Next Week to see if I have the power to predict America's GREAT TASTE in music!

(If It was up to me some of the above wouldn't be there...I'm talking to you David Hernandez and Asia'h Epperson) I know this prediction will end up back in my face, I might as well quit and save me the embarrassment.

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