How Say YOU America?! American Idol Review pt. 4

Wasn't the Beatles concert LIVE last Tues. night the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Ok I have a confession to make. I taped the entire nights episode, (like I do every week with my favorite tv shows) just because I head off to work at 8pm, and because I don't have to worry about missing something vocally amazing. But I didn't get to catch any of those AMAZING performances (Brooke, Micheal, Carly and you David Cook) and ended up skipping the show altogether that night.

By watching the recaps of the performances on Wed night, I was relieved that I didn't put myself through the robotic meltdown of Kristy Lee, the camera leering from David H., and the forgotten lyrics by my favorite, David A.!!


So it all comes down to this. How would you react if Jim Carrey showed up at your workplace to plug his new movie? And what would you ask the judges and Idols if you got to "call in" to the show? Are these the NEW additions to the Season 7 show that we can "look forward" too while waiting to hear who is being kicked off?! I suppose the producers needed to come up with something new, now that there wont be so much overexposure to the guest artists of the night like last year, (THANK GOODNESS!) but now instead we can watch the bottom 3 perform their terrible performances ONCE AGAIN, OVER AGAIN, until it comes down to the last 10 minutes of air time. Gotta LOVE FOX!

I am not going to waste blog space on whether David H. was given his ticket to ride because of his "stressful week" aka overly broadcast news, about his past-but my Idol-atry couldn't be more than thrilled to see him finally exit the stage!! To hear from his exit interview that he was supposedly one of the BEST singers of the season 7 crew was extremely laughable.

As for KC, aka Kristy Lee Cook....she will get hers as long as I KEEP thinking that NEXT WEEK WILL BE THE WEEK...right, I thought that was the case 2 weeks ago. Maybe shes the next Sanjaya??

I am so glad that we will get to listen to more Beatles renditions this next week as well, as if we haven't had enough butchering of classics already.

Once again my DVR will be utilized in its entirety so I can fast forward those intimate moments with KC and her country pop horse manure.


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Lest you think Kristy is going home--it's more than likely that she'll be staying. Check this out... http://www.votefortheworst.com/
She will NEVER leave. ever. By the way--I love that studio version of Got To Get You Into My Heart. Actually--they are almost ALL better in studio format :)