How Say YOU America?! Idolatry All Around

Lets hear if for the performances on the bizarre ''Songs From the Year You Were Born'' theme night!!

Kristy Lee has YET again squeezed her country twang into American hearts (not this guys thats for sure!) As soon as I heard what song she selected to sing, I immediately felt the bowels cramp up. But GOD BLESS YOU KRISTY! For choosing to play the patriotism card-its a sure way to buy you ANOTHER week in the competition! Bring on Dolly Parton! YEEEHAAH

But make sure YOU AMERICA tune in next week when she belts America The Beautiful, followed by Neil Diamond's Were Coming To America, then The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and lastly watch it continue until the BIG Finale when she invades IRAQ!

I admit I wasn't shocked to see Chikezie being sent packing. I knew there had to be something worthy of praise in all its glory. I was hoping it'd be either him OR Jason and his Betty Crocker grass brownies, which he seems to smoke every week. I was however a bit nervous for Syesha...but was relieved to see her receive another pass on GO for another week. But enough with the baby crying imitations ok? Or we may be subjected to you portraying a grown black woman's cry.

And how about we STOP voting for Ramiele and her little person-big voice? Just a thought...

But on to the GOOD stuff..my TOP 3! Whom I will have the pleasure of seeing LIVE on Tour! Can you feel the anticipated excitement?!

DAVID COOK ladies and...well ladies! (I don't have any gentleman recruited into my blog audience as of yet) I thought reinterpreting Chris Cornell's 2007 take on Michael Jackson's original was, as Simon put it, AMAZING! Which means Rocker David will likely be fending off ''rip-off'' and ''copycat'' accusations regarding his performances from here on out as the competition continues. But I dare say these last couple weeks he has done a GREAT job at recruiting me to the ROCK USA fan club!

Lil David Arculeta-So I TOO have never heard the song he performed, but I welcome the ridicule and laughs when mentioning, did anyone else think of Neverending Story?? I immediately drifted off and found myself on the back of Falkor, the dog like dragon with companion Atreyu...

Back to REALITY...

I couldn't help but smile as I was watching him perform. Archie is still another favorite of mine whether he ends up at Lagoon singing in their land of misfited Madrigal themed shows. Theres no hate, just love for all you WJHS Mads out there....show me the choir stare!

Ahh Brooke White and your golden locks of blonde hair. I'd like to see you sing Cabin Fever in a red spitfire dress while dangled over THAT piano...WOW! You just tickle Bips ivory num nums!

Aussie Micheal may have brought me back to the Mighty Duck movies when he sang We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions, and it obviously was a hit with the crowd and the judges, but can we cut back on the foreign charisma, eh mate?! You're not helping us single white Americans who are looking for love....

That leaves you Carly Smithson. Bear down and breathe. Thats all I have to say.

Thank you.

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RaeLynn said...

"Falcor! It's wonderful!!" We seriously just watched this last week. It was on sale for $5 at the store. Hello?! Everybody needs to watch Never Ending Story.

Good wrap up. I am positive Archie won't end up at Lagoon--but I'd pay a pretty penny to see/hear him perform there :)