Day 5 Favorite Quotes..or lack OF

I've never been much of a QUOTE person..unless it was off of one of my favorite movies, television shows or lyrics in music. I've always struggled with that question in a job interview, "Whats your favorite quote?" Mostly it only seemed to come up while applying for a job on campus, and I always thought, "So this is pertinent to you deciding whether or not to hire me?!"

I never thought I would memorize something that hit home, by a particular author, playwright, journalist, or poet. Sorry. No disrespect to those of you who live by quotes, whenever I hear something I like, I think, "Oh thats a great quote!" But dont fumble for my holly hobby notebook to jot it down in order to repeat it in the future to my future children or spouse.

I know this probably sounds more cynical than it needs to be, but its just not my cup of coke. I admire those of you who live by quotes or are inspired by them, god bless! Inspire ME and share it next time we meet!! I will just have a lot of explaining to do when I meet God and the Celestial MONEY MAKER question is asked, "Shay, what was your favorite quote?" Oh..well..I will take HELL for $500.

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