Day 8 Something I CRAVE!

Some would say I CRAVE attention...but thats not true! There may have been a time in my life where I lived and breathed attention, but I like to think I have grown past that phase. So instead of another post dedicated to MYSELF and the unspoken attention, I dedicate this to the things I find myself thinking about, at least once a day..enjoy.


I am constantly trying to expand on my baking skills, and the art of the cupcake is one of them. You wouldn't think so, but a lot goes into making the PERFECT cupcake! My friend Jess' cupcakes are what I imagine Martha Stewart's cupcakes would taste like.


I dont think I could every have a relationship with a woman who DIDN'T LOVE seafood as much as I do. I consider this a major deal breaker!

This picture says it all. I love japanese animation. No, not ALL of it, so you can cut me some slack. I am not a complete nerd for anime, but I do have my favorites. Its hard to say that this is also a possible deal breaker for my "wifey-to-be," but it would be nice to have someone to share it with!!

Wednesday Night Television!

I never thought I would LOVE the middle of the week as much as I have! Its the night of reality tv that I look forward too. I am OBSESSED! My week isn't complete without my Wednesday "pick me up," it seems to get me over the hump to an incredible weekend!


I try to look for ANY chance to throw a party! Mostly holidays, but for whatever reason, I always enjoy inviting a group of friends over for some great food and laughs! Most of the time, we play Bunco. If you haven't played this intense dice game, let me know! So I can invite you to the next gathering!

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