Day 6 The 3 F's...Fun Facts About Phyllis aka ME

Confused? Well I had to get your attention somehow, right? Well below I compiled a list of FUN FACTS according to ME...about none other than, ME! Its my blog of course, so who would you expect?

First off..Phyllis..

Not the charming, middle aged, woman on the Office..but Phyllis Diller. Famous actress from back in the day. No I'm not a fan, but rather my friends think my laugh is exactly identical to hers. Go watch Disney Pixar's, A Bug's Life, and listen to the queen ant, (voiced by Phyllis D) and you'll see apparently what they're talking about. Personally, I dont see the connection, but it seems to get a good laugh out of them, whenever I humor them with my charming chortle. Not something I like to share with people...but there ya go.

#2 My Memory

I never thought I had the greatest memory, but recently I've been able to relate specific instances in my life, while with friends, and recount every single, intricate detail that happened in that moment in time. Don't ask me why, or how, but it just happens. I've also been the type of person, who would come across a smell in the air while outside, or anywhere in my travels, and recall the FIRST time I smelled that same exact fragrance. Usually they were moments when I was most happy, excited, or had the best memories. Be it freshly mowed grass, the outside air after a spring rain, or the smell of the salty sea. I've only met one other person who can understand what thats like, and it seems unique and unbelievable to others. I don't know how to explain it. But if you happen to experience the same thing, please let me know so I dont think I need to institutionalize myself.

#3 Just Keep Swimming...

Currently I am now 30 years old, and STILL to this day, if you were to throw me into the deep end of the kiddie pool..I would drown. I can't swim for the life of me. My parents tried to teach me while I was in 6th grade, and I learned the monkey, airplane, soldier..but thats as far as it got. I never went back after the lessons were over.

#4 Modern Day Stan Lee..

Ok, so who am I to say that I am a "Modern Day Stan Lee?" For those of you unfamiliar with who Stan is, he is an amazing, epic, comic book artist from back in the day, who created the majority of Marvel super heroes. Not to say I have rescued a small child from a burning building or a damsel in distress...but while growing up I would draw my own super hero comics. I actually got pretty involved with it and actually created an entire world, that revolved around a specific group of animals called Mercury Knights. I'm too embarrassed to say this, but the comics are all locked away in a fire proof safe, and most likely will not be revealed to the rest of the world. Sorry to disappoint.

#5 Home Movies..

You probably have some home movies that were filmed throughout your childhood, and perhaps you may not. The first time I got my very own video camera was Christmas of '97. I was SO excited! My brothers and I would wrangle our friends into these shows that we would tape, and I'm still surprised that theyre still friends of mine, to this day. It began with CCS NEWS, the first initials of my older brother, our friend Colin, and myself. The highlights included made up facts about celebrities, Nike shoes, athletes, sports, and cooking spin offs. It became a regular activity that we would do over the weekend or school breaks. After I got into my junior/senior year of high school, the films evolved into music videos. We would make up an entire choreographed dance routine, while lip synching to a variety of songs. I would LOVE more than anything to post a few clips of them here, but can't seem to figure out how to do so, without any legal repercussions from my peers.

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