Day 9 Pet Peeves

Sorry if the list below, consists of certain actions that you find yourself doing, but know that I am able to look past it, because were such great friends! If we werent, then you would know about it.

  • Wet Socks
  • Expressing bodily functions IN PUBLIC
  • Garments showing through a SHORT SKIRT, or a man's SHORT tee
  • Arrogance and One being pretentious
  • Ignorance/Close Minded
  • Rush Hour Traffic
  • LONG Lines
  • Strangers feeling like its OK to call me "buddy," or "champ"
  • People talking during movies that I paid $10 for..
  • Feeling like you need to carry on a conversation with a cashier while there are other people in line waiting to get on with their lives..
  • Slow waiters/waitresses at restaurants

I think I've said enough..

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